26 March 2014

Photo: CBN Lagos Office On Fire

The Central Bank Of Nigeria, Lagos office is currently on fire as you read this, but the cause of the fire is still very much sketchy while filing this report. Men of the Lagos Fire Service and other emergency agency officials have arrived the scene. More details shortly.

Update: CBN didn’t give a reason for the fire outbreak but said there was no cause for alarm as the records of the bank are intact. “We wish to assure our numerous stakeholders that the records of the bank are intact as the Bank has an effective backup of all its records, as part of our disaster recovery programme” part of the statement released this evening by the organisation 

Kelly Hansome expalin his coffin entrance Show In Owerri

20 March 2014

video Meet Ghanaian Chief That Drives A Taxi In America...

these video will shock you ,here Nigeria  people over emphasis on positions and awards they have received ,but a Ghanian chief was caught or lemme say was interviewed ,on how business dey go , on his job been a taxi driver in America.watch his interview and his  response here   Ghanaian Chief turns Taxi driver In America.

1 March 2014

See a new born baby who stands up and starts running immediately after he was born

like i always say the lord  is truly wonderful and mighty h, he works in a miraculous way,the does things that ordinary gods can never do ,the GOD shows another of his miracle again when a newly born baby boy ,just stand up and started working ,for not because i have watched the video ,i could have not believe it myself .  just click below to watch the video.   baby walking immediately after birth