30 January 2014

NY Post Writer Slams Beyonce For Grammy Performance! Calls Jay Z ‘A Poor Excuse For A Husband’

What Naomi Schaefer Rileywrote;
''What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men's titillation?
For years, these award ceremonies have pushed the envelope; Beyoncé's booty-shaking was certainly no worse than Miley Cyrus's twerking or any number of other performances by Madonna, for instance. But there's something particularly icky about doing it while your husband looks on approvingly.
"Honestly, I didn't want to watch Jay Z and Beyoncé's foreplay," says Charlotte Hays, author of "When Did White Trash Become the New Normal?" Indeed, the happy couple seems to have completely blurred the line between what goes on in their bedroom and what happens on national TV. So much for the woman that Michelle Obama has called "a role model who kids everywhere can look up to."
Hays says, "It wasn't surprising to see Jay Z, looking pleased at his wife's hyper-sexualized exhibition on stage." After all, "he's made a living singing lyrics that call women 'bitches' and 'hos,' so we shouldn't be surprised that he objectified his own wife on stage."
It is a little bit surprising, though, coming so soon after Beyoncé contributed to the recent feminist manifesto, the Shriver Report. When she complains that "gender equality is a myth," one wonders to what extent her consent to sell sexuality has contributed to the problem''.

Igbo Deportees Seek 1 Billion Naira Compensation From Lagos State

The suit filed by over 80 Igbo 'deportees' against the Lagos State Government came up on Thursday at the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, with the plaintiffs demanding a compensation of 1 billion Naira (about 6.3 million dollars).
Seven plaintiffs filed the suit on behalf of 66 others and they are jointly seeking the compensation from the Lagos State government as general damages for breach of their rights. The seven plaintiffs are; Joseph Aniebonam, Osondu Mbuto, Osondu Agwu, Nnenna Ogbonna, Emily Okoroariri, Friday Ndukwe and Onyeka Ugwu.
Joined as respondents are the Attorney-General of Lagos State and the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State.
When the case was mentioned in court, the counsel representing the plaintiffs, Mr Ugo Ugwunnadi, told the court that the case was coming up for the first time.
He informed the court that he had only been served with the processes from the first respondent, the Attorney General of Lagos and that the second respondent, the commissioner of police, was yet to serve his process.
The counsel, therefore, asked the court to give parties a date for the hearing of the matter by which time lawyers involved would have perfected their processes.
The Counsel representing the Attorney General of Lagos State, Mr Tayo Odupitan, told the court that he had filed a counter-affidavit, written address and an exhibit, all in response to the plaintiffs' suit.
He, however, informed the court that the A-G Lagos State, Mr Ade Ipaye, had indicated his intention to defend the suit personally.
Meanwhile, Counsel to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Sam Adebeshin, told the court that he was yet to regularise the processes on behalf of the second respondent.
After listening to all the parties, Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia adjourned the case to February 19 for further hearing.

29 January 2014

Photos- How Ex-Wife Wiped Out Ex-Husband’s New Family

A 33-year-old Ghanaian woman, on Monday 27th of January, 2014 wiped out her ex-husband's entire new family. Efua Badu and her ex were once married but latter separated when the two were having problems in their marriage. Their families tried to settle the matter, but her ex-husband insisted it was over. He later got married and impregnated a 25-year old lady who gave birth to a daughter who is now two and half year-old.
Efua who couldn't stand losing her man, the father of her two kids, at around 1.30am in the early hours of Monday set the uncompleted building her ex was living ablaze, killing him, his new wife and their baby while they were all asleep. She later fled from the scene, but when fire fighters got there, they couldn't trace where the fire began and said someone might have set the family ablaze.
After investigation, Efua was traced to her home by the police, where they saw some burns in her right arm and face. She denied ever knowing anything about the fire, but later confessed she was behind it when she was been interrogated. She admitted she did it out of jealous and pleaded to be forgiven.
The charred bodies of the three have been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue for examination. Sadly, the 25-year old new wife and her daughter only got to the man's house for the first time on the 26thof January, 2014, when he went to bring them to start living with him, from where they used to live and died few hours later.

Is Governor Sullivan Now Fighting With His Deputy? Deputy Gov's Poultry Farm Gets Invaded, All The Birds Seized!

About 3,500 chickens and about 40 crates of eggs were on Monday carted away from the poultry farm of the Enugu State Deputy Governor, Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, as officials of the state Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) and Ministry of Environment invaded his official lodge, allegedly on the "orders from above." According to reports, the carting away of the chickens and eggs is preparatory for the eventual destruction of the farm.
The ECTDA and Environment Ministry officials who were led by their commissioners, Messrs Ikechukwu Ugwuegede and Nnaemeka Chukwuone respectively, arrived the lodge at about 1pm on Monday to inform the Deputy Governor of an order to evacuate the birds and demolish the poultry which the government claimed was constituting public health hazard.
Onyebuchi, who was with his wife and personal aides, including his security officers attached to his office at the lodge, which had been under renovation since September 2012, did not resist the action of the officials, who later brought in four trucks and evacuated the chickens to an unknown destination.When the government officials mobilised by the two commissioners could not evacuate the entire birds, Ugwuegede was said to have mobilised more uniformed officials of his ministry, who spent about an hour evacuating the birds and the crates of eggs into the four trucks and took them away.
Shocked by the evacuation, the Enugu State Deputy Governor Sunday Onyebuchi described it as a wicked act of impunity against him. That the action was shocking, was intended to humiliate him, and that those behind the act were hiding their motive.
According to him, while speaking with newsmen yesterday:
They mentioned the environmental or health hazard emanating from my poultry farm. In their statement, they claimed they had asked me to clean up the place and I refused. Let them produce a letter asking me to do that. It is not true.
The poultry farm was a designated Agriculture Unit, the structure had been used as a poultry farm before I became deputy governor. I have operated the poultry farm since 2008. That was why I put in my Assets Declaration at the end of my first term and at the beginning of this term that I have operated the poultry farm and this was verified by the Code of Conduct Bureau. How suddenly did my poultry farm become a health hazard when it has been in existence since 2008? Let them deny that there is no bigger poultry farm, piggery and cattle ranch in the Governor's Lodge!
My poultry farm was properly run and cleaned because it was run with the technical support from the state Ministry of Agriculture. If they succeed in deceiving the public, they can never deceive God. As I am talking to you, the over 3,000 chickens confiscated yesterday and their whereabouts are unknown. They also removed bags of feeds and feeders and other materials.
Asked of his next action, the deputy governor said:
"For now, I am presenting the matter to God, because the person behind it is powerful and my challenging him will be like using a vehicle to collide with a moving train."
The ECTDA Commissioner, however, declined to comment on the development when approached by newsmen who rushed to the scene from the nearby Press Unit of the Government House, saying he did not invite any journalist to witness the exercise.

President Goodluck Jonathan Seeks Death Penalty For Cyber Crime

A death sentence has been proposed on persons who hack into the Critical National Information Infrastructure or computer networks resulting in the loss of lives. The proposal is contained in the Cyber Crime Bill 2013, which is before the House of Representatives. However, where there is no loss of lives but the offender causes "grievous bodily injury" to another person, the bill recommends a prison term of not less than 15 years. Using any computer network for terrorism purposes also attracts life sentence.
The bill defines Critical National Information Infrastructure as "certain computer systems, networks and information infrastructure vital to the national security of Nigeria or the economy and social well-being of its citizens." The bill frowns on child Indecency, as it imposes a 10-year jail term for offenders or a fine of N20million or both. The bill criminalizes the use of force to engage children in intimate activities. Offenders are liable to being convicted to 10 years imprisonment or a fine of N15m.
Is this cool at all? Personally I don't like this!

28 January 2014

Nollywood Actress Accused Of Stealing, Yetunde Akilapa, Tells Her Own Side Of The Story

The end is yet to be heard of the theft allegation levelled against budding actress, Yetunde Akilapa, who was beaten up in Magodo Phase 2, Lagos for allegedly stealing.
In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Yetunde who says people should not ruin her life and career, that she is fed up with life and that she's not what people think she is got to tell her own side of the story.
*.How did the incidence of January 12 2014 happen? It was reported that you were caught in the dining room of a house in Magodo, and the owner of the house met you there with suspicion that you are there for the wrong reasons. Can you shed more light on the story?
That day I wanted to take my clothes to dry-cleaners. Meanwhile my younger sister had told me earlier that she was not feeling fine. I now planned to go to her place after dropping my clothes. I told my friend whom I was putting up with in Ketu that I wanted to go to Bariga to see my sister. That day I also wanted to go to church but I didn't know what happened to me. I just decided to forget about church.
As I wanted to board a bus to Bariga, something told me to cross to the other side of the road and take
keke NAPEP going to Magodo. That was how I boarded the keke going to Magodo with my bag, clothes and four keys on me.
On getting to Magodo, I saw a house and went there straight. I didn't see any gateman there. I opened the door because it wasn't locked. I entered the house and slept off in the dining room. That's all I knew till one man just woke me up.
He started interrogating me, asking me a lot of questions which I could not answer. He didn't accuse me of coming to rob or steal anything but he only wanted to know who I was looking for. But I didn't know what to say because everything was like a mystery to me.
He said I should go first. As I wanted to step out, he instructed the security men there not to allow me move an inch. They were all shouting Thief! Thief!!
Immediately he picked his phone and called his brother, telling him he met a strange woman in the house when he came back from church and when he was leaving the house, he locked the door. So he was surprised when he found me in their dining room.
How did she enter? He started saying a lot of things, I was trying to explain to them that I didn't use any key to open the door. I just entered and sat on the dining table and that was how I slept off. I told them I was also confused, I couldn't explain how I got to their place.
That was the time I began to realize I was at the wrong place.
Then when the owner of the house came, he also started interrogating me, he said I should confess the person that sent me. He asked whether I was sent to kill him. He thought I came with fetish things, and I said no. He said I should just confess. He even said maybe I was sent to kill his wife. He never accused me of stealing.
As he was saying all of this, I was pleading, telling them I wanted to give my clothes to the drycleaners. They asked of the person's name and I told them Bisi. And they checked my phone and found her number.
When they called her to find out, she told them she didn't stay in Magodo but Maryland. That was how they said I was not saying the truth, that I didn't want to expose the person that sent me. Before I knew it, one guy just hit me in the head with a club. That's all I knew.
By the time I regained consciousness, they had invited my friend. When she came, she was shocked to see me in that state. She was screaming. Those people now concluded that they would take me to the police station but before then, they took me to a private hospital to get me treated.
When we got to the police station, they started drilling me and I explained the way I explained to them at the house. They asked the owner of the house if I stole anything, he said no but the way they found me in the house was suspicious. He said maybe I was sent by somebody on a diabolical mission.
Their pastor also came and I explained the whole thing to him also, he prayed for me. He said my problem is spiritual. He said God wanted to deliver me that's why I came to that house that day. But now, my problem is over. That's how I was asked to go.

N2.5million Pornographic Film Siezed in Abuja – Censor Board

The National Film and Video Censors Board says it has confiscated pirated and uncensored pornographic films valued at N2.5 million.
A statement issued by the acting Head, Corporate Affairs of the board, Mr Caesar Kagho in Abuja on Monday said the seizure was made in a raid carried out within Abuja metropolis.
It said that the seizures were sequel to the board's commitment of riding the Nigerian markets of unwholesome films.
It said that the seized films were illegal and was contributing negatively to the behavioural attitudes of the youths in the society.
It said the raid was also targeted at some individuals that were not complying with the board's New Distribution and Exhibition Framework with respect to registration and licensing from the board.
The statement said that several home video retail outlets in Banex, Sheriff Plaza, Wuse II, and Dutse Alhaji market in the FCT were affected in the surprise raid.
The NCVCB is saddled with the responsibility of censoring and classifying films and video works.
It also has the mandate of registration, licensing of persons and premises for the distribution of films and video works in the country.

27 January 2014

I Fasted 10 Months To Become Rivers State Governor – Gov Rotimi Amaechi

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State while at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, in Igwuruta, Ikwerre Local Government Area of the state, yesterday revealed that he fasted for 10 months, 6 a.m. to 6p.m., to become governor of the state.
He said:
"I will evangelise. I know most people will be surprised because I am not a pastor. So, in this case, I am part of the evangelism. One of the ways I have evangelised is to repeatedly tell people my past experience of God's intervention, when I fasted for 10 months, 6am-6pm, praying to God to come down.
That was how I became governor. I went to court. Instead of the court to say, Amaechigo and contest election, the court said Amaechi go and be the governor of Rivers State. And because I make public my experience, a lot of people now believe that if they focus on God, God will hear their prayers. So, I am also evangelising by testifying to the public about the glory of God in my life.
We have employed more teachers. We are doing bio-metric registration exercise and that is why we are going to pay them next month. We shall pay them by installments until the arrears are cleared. I will continue to serve the poor, I will not compromise on service delivery.
What I want you (Christians) to do is to pray for all of us as a state so that we can come out of the crisis plaguing the peace of the state. Please, also pray for those who have not received Christ to repent and change from their evil ways."

Prophet TB Joshua Delivers A Gay Nigerian, Restores Him Back To Being Straight

According to a testimony from one of Prophet TB Joshua's church member yesterday on Emmanuel TV, Thaddeus a Nigerian but living in Cameroon used to be gay. But thanks to Prophet TB Joshua, that demon was been chased out of him after an encounter with Prophet TB Joshua's Wise men.
Mr Thaddeus, a Nigerian from Imo State but residing in Cameroon, was travelling to Asia and had a long stopover in an African country where he stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool. He went for a swim with fellow men then went to eat and sleep.
That night in a dream, he saw himself swimming in the same swimming pool naked with other men. When he woke up, he was sweating and something entered him and he realised that he no longer had passion for women but rather began to develop passion for men like him.
Returning after the trip, Thaddeus broke his relationship with his fiancée who wasshocked and could not understand why. Once free from the relationship, something pushed him to research on the internet about relationships with men. And as a French translator in his church,Thaddeus continued assisting in the church while still living that lifestyle and indulging in these sinful desires.
One day, his pastor asked him to go to The SCOAN for deliverance but did not specify why. On New Year's Eve, he decided that he could not enter 2014 the same and persuaded his cousin to fund his ticket to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.
He arrived in Lagos and found a hotel. He saw the same man from the hotel in his dreams having an affair with him and immediately woke up and determined that he could not sleep anymore but rather made his way to The SCOAN that night. Upon arriving at The SCOAN, he was in one of the many overflow canopies and could not get a pass to enter the church. From nowhere, an old woman who he had never met before handed him a pass, saying, "Here, take mine and go inside."
He entered and when the wise men were praying, he started to feel like running away. As Wise Man Christopher approached him, he became angry and when he touched him, a voice within him spoke out and he lost control of himself. He knew he was speaking but did not know what he was saying until he was finally delivered in the name of Jesus Christ.
Now, after his deliverance, he testified that his desires have changed and he no longer has passion for men but rather for women. He can now pray and read his Bible without distraction and diversion. In his advice Thaddeus said:
Now I am delivered, I no longer have affection for men but for ladies. If you come across someone with the same problem, you should not condemn. The only answer is deliverance.

Kelly Rowland Is Coming To Nigeria For Darey’s ‘Love Like a Movie’ Concert

Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland will be live in Lagos come 15th of February 2014 for the second edition of Darey Art Alade's music concert, Love Like a Movie (LLAM).
Kelly will be hosting the red carpet/fashion police with Darey just like Kim Kardashian did last year. The concert is set to hold at the Ocean View Grounds, Eko Hotel, Lagos.
The last time Kelly was in Nigeria, for the ThisDay Music Festival in 2007, Kelly had collapsed on stage while performing. Dehydration was cited as the cause.

Hot Or Not? Kcee, Harrysong & Dencia's Outfits To The 2014 Grammy Awards

Ko easy *wink*

25 January 2014

INEC Releases Time-Table For 2015 Elections! Presidential & Governorship Elections To Hold In February

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) today released the time table for the 2015 Presidential and National Assembly elections. The presidential and National Assembly elections will hold on February 14,2015, while the governorship and statehouse of Assembly elections will take place February 28, 2015.
It also said the Ekiti Governorship election will hold on June 21, 2014 while the Osun Governorship election will hold August 9 2014.

14-Year Old Girl Stabs 11-Year Old Sister 40 Times Because She Wasn’t Thankful

An 11-year-old Illinois girl was stabbed 40 times by her 14-year-old sister, police say, and the reason why has many in the small Chicago-area community of Mundelein reeling in disbelief.
Police found the 11-year-old girl unconscious and in need of medical attention in an upstairs bedroom of the dwelling Tuesday morning. She later died.
Because the sister, who called police, initially told officers an intruder was to blame for the attack, authorities briefly placed three schools on lockdown.
The truth, when it emerged, was even more shocking.
The 14-year-old, authorities say, repeatedly and fatally stabbed the victim -- her half sister -- with a kitchen knife because the teen thought she was ungrateful.
"This incident is a heart breaking tragedy that defies understanding," said Mundelein Mayor Steve Lentz. "I am asking the Chicagoland area, please pray for us. Pray, first of all, for the family that has been devastated by this."
A group called "Mundelein Moms" is raising money for the girl's funeral and said it raised $6,381 in just one day. There also is an effort to have residents leave their lights on Friday night in remembrance.

Ex-Beauty Queen, Karen Eloke Young Speaks About Abuse Of Ladies In Nigeria & How She Was Molested

This is just so sad. I think the society needs to start respecting women. Some of these women work so hard, that men can't even dare to go that lane. They can't even dare to work that hard. Yet, because they are women they do not get respected for what they have worked for. Her tweets are heart breaking, and I tell you for free, this is what most successful ladies go through. You can't even go somewhere alone that you want to buy a house, the questions won't end. It's so sad and sickening. Her tweets after the cut. You need to start from the bottom and read upwards to be able to understand.

Nigerian Feared Dead After Expatriate Threw Him Down From Storey Building

A Nigerian, simply identified as Arinze, was feared dead on Thursday, 23rd January, 2014, after an expatriate working with the Arab Contractors Construction Company (O.A.O) threw him down from the second-floor of a two-storey building undergoing construction at the new Enugu State Secretariat, Enugu.
LeadershipFriday gathered that the expatriate, identified as Abdul Lateef, apparently from one of the Arab-speaking countries, allegedly pushed the deceased down from the building at about 11.30 a.m.
A source told Leadership Friday that the expatriate, whom sources said is feared by many in the company for his brutality, pushed the deceased down after their disagreement on how a particular task should be carried out at the site.
Workers of the company had attempted to lynch the expatriate, but for the timely intervention of the police, who took him away.
Meanwhile, the Enugu State Police Command said it has commenced "a full-scale investigations into the alleged incident" .
A release made available to reporters in Enugu by the command's public relations officer, Ebere Amaraizu, said " the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is now responding to treatment".
But the South-eastern zone of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) insisted that "the Nigerian who was pushed down by the expatriate has died".
In a statement made available to Leadership Friday in Enugu by its zonal director, Olu Omotayo, the CLO described the action of the expatriate as "a barbaric act in all ramifications. This is not the first time we are receiving complaints of torture and brutalisation of Nigerians by expatriates of some of these construction companies. These actions show how Nigerians have always been treated with disdain by these so-called expatriates in the construction companies."
Omotayo further condemn the brutal killing of Arinze and demanded that the police charge Abdul Lateef for murder. "Nigerians cannot continue to be treated like animals in their own country," he stated.

23 January 2014

Singer Kcee Rocks A Skirt On The Set Of His Music Video

Pictures are from singer Kcee's set for his new music video. He's rocking a kilt with his male dancers.

Genevieve Nnaji Now An Etisalat Ambassador!

Nollywood star, Genevieve Nnaji, was unveiled today as brand ambassador for Etisalat Easyflex (a product from telecoms company, Etisalat) at an event, which was also attended by fellow actor, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who is also a brand ambassador for Etisalat.

Tuface Hangs Out With Hollywood Actors, Brian Hook & Luenell Campbell

Celebrated Nigerian singer Tuface paid the Hollywood stars a visit on set. Luenell Campbell, known professionally as Luenell, is an American comedian and actress while Brian Hooks is an American actor, producer and director. He is best known for his roles as protagonist Rob Douglas in the screwball comedy 3 Strikes, and Nick Delaney on the UPN television sitcom Eve.

Photos- Guys, Meet The Woman With ‘The Most Expensive Body On Earth

Busty blonde and celebrated transsexual party-goer Amanda Lepore,, has been labeled as having the most expensive body on earth.
Now 46 years old, Amanda had a sex change operation from male to female at the age of 19 and according to her, that was the most painful procedure she's ever done.
Amanda will later invest so much in extreme plastic surgery including three breast augmentations,
butt implants. She even had her bottom ribs broken so she could achieve a smaller waist. Plus multiple nips and tucks, 5ft 2in Ms Lepore boasts a perfect hourglass figure measuring 38-22-38.
Facially she has had lip injections, fillers, Botox, a nose job, a forehead lift and her hairline lowered.
Asked how much her cosmetic work has cost in total, the busty blonde declined to provide an answer, merely stating:
'There is a reason I am labeled 'The Most Expensive Body On Earth'.Amanda's father, an Italian-American chemical engineer, and her mother, a German-American housewife who was schizophrenic and spent much time in mental institutions, both found it difficult to accept their daughter's transgender identity at first. They refused to take her to ballet lessons and stopped her from growing her hair long but eventually, they supported her transition.

22 January 2014

Africa's Celebrated Author, Binyavanga Wainaina, Reveals He Is Gay

Leading Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina has, in an article entitled: I am a homosexual, mum, coinciding with his 43rd birthday on 18 January, come out to announce that he is gay. Making him one of the most high-profile Africans to do so.
Binyavanga doesn't mind that homosexual acts are illegal in his country Kenya. And since after his revelation, people have been congratulating him for being so brave.
Read his story:
I am twenty nine. It is 11 July, 2000. I, Binyavanga Wainaina, quite honestly swear I have known I am a homosexual since I was five. I have never touched a man sexually. I have slept with three women in my life. One woman, successfully. Only once with her. It was amazing. But the next day, I was not able to.
It will take me five years after my mother's death to find a man who will give me a massage and some brief, paid-for love. In Earl's Court, London. And I will be freed, and tell my best friend, who will surprise me by understanding, without understanding. I will tell him what I did, but not tell him I am gay. I cannot say the word gay until I am thirty nine, four years after that brief massage encounter.
Today, it is 18 January 2013, and I am forty three.
Recounting the first time, he realized he was gay, Binyavanga wrote:
I am five years old.
He stood there, in overalls, awkward, his chest a railway track of sweaty bumps, and little hard beads of hair. Everything about him is smooth-slow. Bits of brown on a cracked tooth, that endless long smile. He lifts me in the air and swings. He smells of diesel, and the world of all other people's movements has disappeared. I am away from everybody for the first time in my life, and it is glorious, and then it is a tunnel of fear. There are no creaks in him, like a tractor he will climb any hill, steadily. If he walks away, now, with me, I will go with him forever.
I know if he puts me down my legs will not move again. I am so ashamed, I stop myself from clinging. I jump away from him and avoid him forever. For twentysomething years, I even hug men awkwardly.
There will be this feeling again. Stronger, firmer now. Aged maybe seven. Once with another slow easy golfer at Nakuru Golf Club, and I am shaking because he shook my hand. Then I am crying alone in the toilet because the repeat of this feeling has made me suddenly ripped apart and lonely.
The feeling is not sexual. It is certain. It is overwhelming. It wants to make a home. It comes every few months like a bout of malaria and leaves me shaken for days, and confused for months. I do nothing about it.
I am five when I close my self into a vague happiness that asks for nothing much from anybody. Absent-minded. Sweet. I am grateful for all love. I give it more than I receive it, often. I can be selfish. I masturbate a lot, and never allow myself to crack and grow my heart. I touch no men. I read books. I love my dad so much, my heart is learning to stretch.
I am a homosexual.

Can You Spot The Celebrity In This Old Picture?

Our celebrity shared this photo of himself from way back. Can you spot the celebrity in this picture?

Not Having Sex For 2 Years Feels Good - Dencia

This is what sexylicious Dencia told Encomium Magazine. Meanwhile, someone said it's a very big lie that for someone who flaunts herself in outfits like this, Dencia hasn't gotten any in 2 good years.
*.Why the decision not to have sex for 2 years?Sex is overrated and sex is for lovers who are trying to make babies, I am not trying to do so, it is not in my agenda.
*.How does it feel not having sex for 2 years?It feels good, I am saving energy and mileage. I have better things to waste energy on.

Former Microsoft Nigeria Employee Gets N39m For Unlawful Sack After Sexual Harassment

A former Enterprise Marketing Manager of Microsoft Nigeria Limited, Mrs. Ejieke Maduka, who was sacked after she complained she was sexually harassed by her immediate boss, has awarded the sum of N39.6 million by the National Industrial Court.
According to reports,Ejieke said she was sacked for refusing to succumb to the sexual advances of her immediate boss, Mr. Emmanuel Onyeje, former Country Manager of Microsoft Nigeria. So shewent to court to seek a declaration that the termination of her employment by her employers was as a result of her refusal to succumb to the sexual harassment. And that her fundamental right to human dignity and freedom from discrimination was violated.
In their defence, Mr Onyeje and Microsoft Nigeria argued that it has a right to hire and fire the claimant, adding that her sack had nothing to do with her alleged refusal. That she wasn't the only one sacked as the company was restructuring and downsizing at the time.
On his part, Onyeje denied ever sexually harassing the claimant. His only witness, Awawu Olumide Sojunri, who testified during the trial, said she never saw him sexually harass any female staff. She, however, admitted during cross examination that while on an official trip to Atlanta, the United States, Onyeje touched and poked her, as well as some of her colleagues.
However, in a judgment delivered by Justice O. Obaseki-Osaghae, the court held that Mrs. Maduka's fundamental rights were violated and her pride, dignity and sense or self-worth injured by the actions of her boss. And that there was no evidence of downsizing or restructuring at the material time before the court; neither were the names of the other employees who were also affected by the exercise provided before the court.