25 November 2013

Unbelievable Video: Woman Gives Birth To A Snake Life On Camera In Church

It sure sounds unbelievable, but a young woman has been delivered of a snake. The woman delivered the scary reptile in the church.
The snake, said to have been programmed into the woman's womb since her secondary school days.
She was said to have delivered the snake like a woman under labour following prayers by the priest that everything that was not of God in her should come out of her body. The incident attracted a large crowd.
Witness said the snake forced itself out of the woman's private part with the intention of attacking the pastor. The pastor's younger brother, however, was able to kill the animal.
The pastor said the woman came to the church on wednesday for prayers following the pains she had been experiencing all over her body since she was in secondary school. According to him, it was at this juncture that one of the prayer warriors in the church conducted the prayers that forced the snake out of her body.
"As I was praying and calling on whatever was inside the lady to come out, the lady was writhing in pains. The snake even wanted to attack me until my brother here killed it with the stick," pastor said!
He said such miracles happen very often in the church. "But we don't advertise it and we don't use any fetish things here. We only engage in prayers," he said.
Watch the scary video here-


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