24 June 2014

How Naija Woman Stopped A Guy From Rapping Her In Lagos

The police in Lagos have arrested a teenage male who allegedly broke
into a woman's house and attempted to rapé her. 19-year-old Abdulazeez
Adam is said to have stolen some valuables from the married identified
as Mrs. Nkechi Onuoha in the Ejigbo area of the state.
After collecting valuables from the woman, Adam then decided to rapé
her but the woman told him that she is under a curse placed on her by
her husband who took her to a shrine where the curse was placed on her
that any man who slept with her would die.
Angered by the revelation, the guy was said to have brought out a
knife and slit her neck because he can't have her, leaving her for
The police, however, arrived at the scene of the incident on time and
took the victim to a hospital for treatment. It was learnt that Adam
made away with 3 ATM cards, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Note and Samsung
Galaxy Tab phones all valued N145,000, a wrist watch and cash sum of
In a statement made available to the court, Onuoha said, "In the early
hours of that day, around 2am, I heard a sound on my locked sitting
room door. I woke up and saw him. He said I should cooperate with him
that he had little time to spend in my flat.
"He then brought out a pack of condom and said the first thing he
wanted to do was to have séx with me. I told him that I was in my
monthly period and that my husband took me to a priest, and that if I
have séx with any man, that I and the man will die instantly.
"He then said I should write a cheque for him. I said I did not have
any cheque book. I told him I use my ATM card to withdraw money. He
asked me to give him my ATM cards from UBA, GTB, and First Bank. He
also collected my phones and money."
She explained that the suspect asked her at several intervals if she
knew him, which she denied.
She said after he was done, he asked her: "Do you know that all the
things I collected are earthly things? Then he said he was sorry he
had to do his job, then he descended on me, cut my left leg,
overpowered me and cut my neck."
Adam was later arrested by the police who arraigned him before an
Ebute Meta Magistrate Court on 3 counts of robbery and attempted
The remand form attached to the charge sheet, however, indicated that
the suspect, who was arrested in Osogbo, Osun State, did not confess
to the crime and was not found in custody of any offensive weapons.
The police, in the form, said they would be relying on accounts of
either an eyewitness or the victim, adding that there was no need for
further investigation.
The Chief Magistrate, Tunbosun Abolarinwa, ordered that Adam should be
remanded in custody. The matter was adjourned till July 25, 2014


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