5 February 2015

Man Chops Off Part Of His Nose, Tattoos Eyeballs, Implants Horns In Fore Head To Fulfil Dream Of Looking Like Comic Book Villain

Real-life villain: Henry Damon, 37, from Caracas, Venezuela, has had his nose removed as part of his facial transformation into a real-life version of Marvel villain Red Skull
At first glance one would think that the picture above is the result of a brilliant makeup artist from a horror movie set. But in reality however, Henry Damon, is a real man, who chose to undergo unbelievable, extreme body modification, after he was inspired by a comic book villain.
The Venezuelan man is currently making headlines around the world for taking body modification to the extreme in a bid to make himself look like comic book super villain Red Skull.
The 37 year old has had already had several subdermal implants on his forehead before having part of his nose removed in order to achieve the right Marvel madman look.
Despite the drastic surgery, Mr Damon, from Caracas, Venezuela, is getting ready to take it even further to fulfill his dream.
The Marvel villain Red Skull first appeared in 1947 as the Nazi agent arch-enemy of Marvel hero Captain America and most recently appeared in the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger, played by Hugo Weaving. 
Mr Damon's goal is to look like Marvel character Red Skull, portrayed on screen by Hugo Weaving in 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger

The married father, who now calls himself Red Skull, also tattooed his eyeballs black before adding red and back face tattoos to look like the comic book villain.

With the help of a med-school dropout Emilio Gonzalez, who specialises in tattooing and extreme body surgery, Mr Damon was able to achieve the look he always dreamed of

Before the surgery, Mr Damon underwent several physical and psychological tests, according to his 'surgeon' Mr Gonzalez. More picture below


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