6 June 2016

Photos. Nigerians React to Brymo advise To a fan that begged for school fees to drop out of school

It is gradually becoming a trend for the fans of Nigerian celebrities to beg them for money to either pay school fees of start up a small scale business.
Many times, the celebrities succumb and help out. Weeks ago, Davido supported a fan with N50,000, Kcee gave N85,000 to yet another fan who begged him to pay her school fees. Then Funke Akindele bought Tricycle (Keke Napep) for another twitter user.

However, singer Brymo is not as charitable as others; to him, nothing good comes so easy.

It all started when a Twitter user sent him a heartfelt note. “Please sir, kindly help me with anything you have. I need to pay for my tuition fee which is 65,000,” the fan said. “Please shower mercy on me.”

And Brymo did shower him with more than mercy; he asked the fan to drop out of school and go pursue he dreams. “It’s what I did,” Brymo added.

And this has sparked a debate about how young Nigerians are quick to hop on celebrities pages, asking for money. While some people applauded the ‘Klitoris’ singer for not playing Father Christmas, others felt he was damn too harsh.


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