21 December 2012


keep asking myself these questions ,where are  the government, the Nigeria forces , the media and the powerful  people who fought for the released of  okonjo iwela mother when she was kidnapped ,now it the turn of a less powerful Nigerians  but who have been influential to the development of these country  NIKIRU SYLVANUS & KENNETH OKLIE ,as we all know when iwela  mother was kidnapped it was everyday headlines of the medias ,the forces through out nigeria swung  into action searching for iwela mother ,within  days she was released after  the kidnapper ransom of 100million naira was melt, ms sylvanus &kenneth oklie as not derived these kind attention ,like the previous kidnapped prominent Nigerians ,WHY? Is it that these people are not influential   like  IWELA  mother? or  what  as these people done wrong to deserved  these kind of negligent ?
     The kidnappers are demanding  for 100million naira,  just 100million I said,  sincerely I don’t have ordinarily 10,000 naira in my account ,but I can boldly write even a chairman of a local  government  in Nigeria can be boastful of that .100million is nothing to some people in Nigeria why can these people just please stand up and pay for their release, better still the government should take from the subsidy removal dues to pay for their release ,who knows maybe  iwela took from it to pay for her mother ransom ….
 We at  MVB is using these medium in soliciting  to the kidnappers for the release of  NIKRU &  former  Mr.  Nigeria OKLIE , please release  these people for us they have been inspirational to me and other young Nigerians as a whole. Please   free these people for us. My fellow Nigerians  let us just  hope  that these people shall be freed heal and health by the special grace  of GOD ..could   someone just say a big AMEN….BY MVB..

                                                                                              Written by……MVB..

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