10 August 2014

How To Make Money As Mobofree Affiliate

MOBOFREE is on the verge of   Becoming Nigeria's No 1 Market Place, Where You Can Chat, meet New Friends, Along side Sell Your Old stuffs like  Phones, Buy a Second Hand Phone Straight Right From Their Market Place Portal By Creating Classifieds,  I lent  They are Currently Setting Up Job Posting Platform and School News Platform Too.
MOBOFREE Company   Came Into game  at About 3years ago Which Started Off as a Chatting  website  Later Expanded And Now Has An Affiliate Program Where Everyone, I Meant  Everyone Can Make Money By Simply Referring a Unique User To Join The Program as They Pay as Much as 0.12 - 0.30USD i.e #20 - #50Per User Who Registers.
Talking ABout Their Pay-per-sale, Currently, xmoentertainment  account Per-per-sale Has Not Increase yet, But still At 0.12USd, That Is to say, Everyone else Would still Be at Same Pay-pay-sale because xmoenteratinment.blogspot.com  account  among their top   Pioneers of The affiliate Program With ID: 873  Out of Over Almost 4,000 affiliates and Even The-then-released Webmaster Program (Where You refer a User and They Give You Back 3 referer Back to Your site) We were also The starter But it Later Faded Out.
How do I earn Big From Mobofree Affiliate Program?
Simple  cont..reading   Thats What Everyone Really Needs Right? No One Wanna Crawl In earnings, But I must Tell You The Face To earn Pretty cool In The MOBOFREE Affiliate Program, You Really Need TrafficTo Your Affiliate Link. From My Little Calculation, Since a valid registration is $0.12 You Need About834 Valid Registration Before You Can Cash Out The Payout Threshold Which I would be discusing in Below Steps
Why do I join The 
1. Real Time Statistics:I remember When i Joined Them long time ago, They would Have to manually approve Your Visitors, That Is to say all traffic you give to Them will Have to Display On your dashboard after 24Hours, That was really Annoying And i had to Leave the Program for a while, But Now They Have Made Good adjustments and As a User (Valid/Unique) registers, Your referrer Money is Being Topped-up to Your account, Easy  u might  say ?
2. Anyone Can Join:Unlike some Affiliate Programs, You Must Only Own a site to promote Them, But for MOBOFREE, You can Promote Them anywhere Even on Facebook, twitter, Messaging, Email and Even on PPC programs (i wish They Can Notice This and Improve Your Pay-per-sale). SO You can Join Them[/quote]
3. Personal Tracking Url:You Can Create and Track Reports From Personally Created Urls (universal Resource Locator) Made By Your from Your Affiliate Dashboard. I will Have to stop Here as This Part Is Bulky, Maybe Next Time I will be writing On How to Earn More from The use of TheirCustom Tracking Links (URL)
Is Mobofree Affiliate Program Sure?
  O sure ju , For Real, MOBOFREEAFFILATE   is Surest affiliate programme in Africa presently  as A Matter of fact A Website With High Traffic And Addicted Users Will For sure  be Earning  Big from them
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Yes, xmoentertainment  Is a Good example, and has really Over The time Proved herself, I will provide a Screenshot as At Last Payment for You To Know authenticate  my earning  (screenshot As at Last Payment)

How & When Do I receive My Payment
An Average Nigerian Will  Never be willing  to Work without Knowing When He/she  would receive Payment.  Before you would Think Of Being Paid, You Must Have earned Upto $100i.e Referred Upto834 Valid People Which Must Have Counted as Conversion.
And You Would  Be Paid On The15th of EveryMonth, Either Via Bank Direct Transfer or Paypal, SO do Email Your account manager Your Bank Details When You Cross 100Usd.
I Would Suggest You Dont Use GTbank as Your Payment Might be delayed Or No Payment ,  I had been receiving my payment through my   Access  bank, so I would Strongly Recommend Either Using UBA, Diamond Bank, Access Bank Or You Stick to Paypal, am Not Trying to say Other Banks Not Mentioned cant receive Payments ,so am not recommending  GTBank  fro you,

How to Join The MOBOFREEAFFILATE Program
Yes Many Must Have been Eager to Reach this step, If you already Have an account,  well I suggest  you re-register  click here to RE-REGISTER HERE ,click  the link to fill in your details to become  an affilate  REGISTER HERE, Fill In The Simple form, Login to Your Account And Collect The Banners and Paste in Your Website (if you are a webmaster) or The Direct affiliate Link (if You Dont have a website), The Link Looks Like  THIS http://affiliate.mobofree.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=876   Do Change The red Colored Number to You Id.
How to Distribute Your Affiliate Link if You dont Have A website
If you are On facebook or Other Platforms, You can Make Posts About "How to sell Old Phones and Buy New One" With Your affiliate Link at The Buttom for them to Learn How.
WARNING:Dont Spam with The Link As it May Lead to Friends Blocking You, Desist from Posting Affiliate Links on Peoples Status, Facebook groups Not belonging To You, If facebook Blocks Your account for This, MOBOfree Nor  xmoentertainment.blogspot  Would Not Be Held Responsible. Thanks
I Strongly Recommend you Read Their Terms and Policy Immediately after signup, Just Like every Company WOuld Have Fraud control, Mobofree Has Right To Ban Your Account if Fraud registrations, Forcefull  Registrations, Fake Offers, Pornographic contents is Used To Promote Their program. NEEDS MORE  HELP ON THESE ? CONTACT  ME  0N 07068520458  OR ADD ME  ON BBM  7973A48D....  


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