13 March 2015

Girl Spotted Ghost' In her Snapshot selfie

Bethany Harvey was taking a Snapchat image of herself and her nephew, but says she never expected a creepy presence to pop in for the snap. Bethany, from Northern Ireland, explained:
"I was taking a picture on Snapchat of my nephew and I, but my sister jumped into the background so I captioned the picture 'photo bombed!' I set the picture as my story so everyone could see it."
But Bethany didn't notice anything amiss with the sweet snap until later that evening, reports the Irish Mirror.
"A friend of mine came to my house that night and pointed out what looks to be a woman with her hands folded on her knees in the background, baring in mind the picture was taken facing the living room door. Although we can't see the face of the figure the rest of it is as clear as day."
And Bethany is adamant that there was no one else in the room when the picture was taken:
"There was nobody else in the living room at the time, except for the ghost girl in the purple dress."
Source: Irish Mirror

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