27 September 2013

Meet The Man Who Can Fry Chicken With His Bare Hands..

Kann "Superhands" Trichan that the nickname given to the who fries chicken with his bare hands ... The man whose incedible ability of frying pieces of chicken with his bare hands from a burning hot oil on fire
The 50-year-old Chiang Mai-based street cook can sinks his fingers into 480 degrees hot grease without
getting so much as a blister on his hands, and his
amazing ability has won him international fame.
People from all over the world come to his "Fried
Chicken Iron Hands Man" food stall to see Kann use
his hands to scoop out the chicken and he and his
wife travel the globe showing off his gift.he claimed he has no idea why and how he could do such, but he's
just happy it brings more and more customers for his growing business

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  1. indians and their funny shits. i saw one on dstv that can conduct electricity with his body like on fan etc. he touched transformer and the thing no shock am.