21 September 2013

Question of the day....

A friend asked me these same question somtimes ago,so I think sharing you guys thesame question,so has to know your thoughts on these particular question.After many years battle with ASSUP,and finally you were able to graduate ,from the unversity,.HERE is the question....You have your original university Certificate,
original NYSC discharge certificate, your
original O'level certificate, your First School
Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate, National ID
and International Passports, US Visa and
other belongings like cloths, books etc in
your traveling bag.and
You entered a commercial bus,
while disembarking from the bus you
mistakenly carried another passenger's bag
that is exactly the same type with yours
On getting to your destination you discover
that the bag you have carried is not your
own because instead of the certificates, books and
cloths you should have in that bag, what you
are seeing now is $200,000 (two hundred thousand US
What will you do?


  1. So i will think that i'm lucky XD Joke,actually i think better do all for bring back my bag even if i see $200,000 cause other people's money never make me really happy....

  2. Make we hear joor. Who does NT lyk better tin.

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