15 April 2013


15 Apr 2013 WARNING:- This Question was gotten fromour second Choice, Please study it harder, ifany changes Occurs we would Update you ppl... 1)Study the map extract provided on a scale of 1:50,000 and answer the following questions (a)Reduce the map to one third its original size and state the new scale in representative Fraction (RF). On your outline, show and name (i) the settlement of KAIAMA; (ii) the main road leading from KAIAMA to the north east end of the map; (b) Calculate the gradient of River Wabba from its source to the point where it joins River Wuruma. (c) With evidence from the map, describe the functions of KAIAMA settlement. Objective 1B 2C 3A 4A 5D 6A 7C 8B 9B 10C 11C 12A 13C 14A 15A 16D 17B 18B 20C.....not complete...subcribe for d answers naw .sent to ur phone before d paper..send 200 naira card to 07068520458.including the subject.

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