12 April 2013

lit in english

(11) The poet's attitude towards the sun in "the sun Rising" by john donne. Jonny Donne Lived between 1512 to 1631 and attended both oxford university of cambrige without any degree because of religious protest. But in this poem, poet's attitude torwards is that two lovers in act of love making complain about the disturbance the sun's ray is giving them. In any case's is the right time for the sun to perform it's work?( Note Put paragraph here) Even servants who attend the king are constantly disturbed by the hot sun. It is equally constantly keeping the ants very busy. 11 continues Why should the sun be so inconsiderate? He boasts that with just a "wink" he can cover up the sun's rays.(Note Put paragraph here) At this moment, he compares the intensity of the sun's rays to his lover, saying that his lover's eye can over-shadow the sun's rays. The sun cannot prevent kings coming together in "one bed" let alone lovers. He says his lover means everything to her

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