2 April 2013

waec tinz

PHYSICS PRACTICAL SPECIMEN QUESTION 1. -Uniform meter rule labelled M with its mass written on its reverse side. -Knife edge. -Graduated measuring cylinder(0-10cm^3) labelled m1 with its mass indicated on it. -Fine dry sand. -Spatula. -Thread 50cm long. QUESTION 2. -Rectangular glass prism measuring at least 8.0cm x 5.5cm. -Cellotex board. -Four optical pins. -Four thumb pins. -Drawing papers. QUESTION 3. -2 ohm standard resistor. -Ammeter(0-3A). -Constantan wire S.W.G.28, 100cm long. -Two 1.5V dry cells or 2.0V freshly charged accumulator. -Meter rule. -Key. -Crocodile clip. -Six connecting wires. CHEMISTRY PRACTICAL SPECIMEN REAGENTS: (i.) Red and Blue Litmus Paper. (ii.) Aqueous Ammonia. (iii.) Dilute Hydrochloric. (iv.) Barium Chloride Solution (v.) Dilute trioxonitrate(V) acid -APPARATUS: *Glass rod. *Filtration paper. *Spatula. *Two boiling tubes. *Four test tubes. *Methyl Orange indicator. *Wash Bottle containing distilled/deionized water. *Mathematical table/calculator. +Each candidate should be supplied with the following, where 'n' is the candidate's serial number. (a.) 150cm3 of tetraoxosulphate(VI) solution in a corked flask or bottle, labelled 'An'. These should all be the same containing 5.5cm3 of concentrated H2SO4 per dm3 of solution. (b.) 150cm3 KOH solution, in acorked flask or bottle labelled 'Bn'. These should be same containing 5.6g of KOH per dm3 of solution. (c.) One spatulaful: (NH4)2SO4.FeSO4.6H2O in a specimen bottle labelled 'Cn'. This must be same for all candidates. AGRIC PRACTICAL SPECIMEN A- Sandy soil (To be labelled). B- Loamy soil (To be labelled). C- Clay soil (To be labelled). D- Pebbles or sandstone. E- Granite. F- Marble. G- Litmus papers (Blue and Red). H- Dilute Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) (To be labelled). I- Shears. J- Secateurs. K- Spade. L- Spear grass M- Tridax. N- Elephant grass. O- Centrosema. P- Tropical Kudzu. Q- Pieces of meat. R- Leather. S- Feather. T- Liverfluke. U- Tick. V- Water (To be labelled). W- Egg. BIOLOGY PRACTICAL SPECIMEN SPECIMEN A- Stem of cassava plant/sugar cane/sweet potato SPECIMEN B- Plantain/Banana/Pineapple sucker. SPECIMEN C- Runner of Grass. SPECIMEN D- SPirogyra filaments in water. SPECIMEN E- Lung of freshly killed goat. SPECIMEN F- Freshly preserved Toad. SPECIMEN G1- Water leaf plant with fresh stem (Talinum triangulare). SPECIMEN G2- Water leaf plant with fleshy stem (left in cosin solution for minimum of six hours). SPECIMEN H- Freshly prepared iodine solution. SPECIMEN L- Skin of a goat/sheep/cow. SPECIMEN M: Feather(Quill). SPECIMEN N: Shell of a giant African snail. SPECIMEN P: Tuber of Irish potato. SPECIMEN Q: Twig of hibiscus/Bougainvillea. SPECIMEN R: cassava cutting. SPECIMEN S: Hind wing of cockroach. WE WILL BE POSTING SOLUTIONS TO THE PRACTICALS SOON.. AND LIKELY QUESTIONS ALSO,,,trust ur own boi.,...xmo baba...07068520458...2go.....xmojo..

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