30 July 2013

I will castrate My Husband if he ever cheat on me ..uche Jombo says..

In a recent interview with uche jombo Uche Jombo by sam olatunji she
speaks on cheating and new movie 'Unconditional'.
What is it with the celebrity kids on your
new movie, 'Unconditional'?
We didn't set out to use celebrity kids. I told
everyone including you the age range I want and
people suggested the kids. Aghahowa's daughter
has wanted to act since age 5, we auditioned
Chigozie, and she did well and got a coach to
coach them. 2face's daughter is just a drama
queen. And this movie, Unconditional is not all
about them, Dakore, Ruth Kadiri and I acted in it.
It's the kind of move that will touch the heart.
If your husband were to be a serial
philanderer like Desmond's character in the
movie, Lies Men Tell, what will you do?
I will castrate him, he knows and believes that. To
me, there is no excuse to cheat, its either you are
with someone or not, and if you are tired of the
person, please accord the person decency of
respect by saying it's over. Don't go making
someone look stupid. The problem with me is
there is no in- between.
Do you believe what you are saying or are you
saying it for the purpose of this interview?
I am saying,Uche Jombo-Rodrigues doesn't have in-
between. That is the reason it takes me long time to
make a decision or take a stand on something, but
when I do, that is it. There is no excuse not to honour
an agreement you have made, this doesn't have
anything to do with this interview. It is the principle
that guides me. It is not just about marriage, it's how
I conduct my relationships, its either it is this or that,
if that is mymind-set in a relationship, you should
know that for marriage it'll be 150%. There is no
room for cheating.
So you believe your husband will or should not
cheat on you?
I don't have control over what someone will do, I'm
not God. I'm talking about me, how I conduct things.
It's not an option that it will happen, I will not
tolerate cheating.
Are you saying you will not forgive the man
who cheats on you and is manly enough to say
I'm sorry?
If you are in that situation Sam, oh God! You are
going to slave for me for life. And do you know any
man that will want to slave for a woman for life,
Is it true you are older than your husband and
the man you dated before him?
I have never dated or married someone I was older
than in my life. If you have the illusion of someone's
age, that is your business, and I am even too mature
for my age. That is the problem, because men of my
age are 'small boys' around me, I can't date them. I
am someone who has to become a mother to some of
my siblings at the age of 14. Because you are an
under-achiever does not mean I should play down on
my achievement. If age is the yard stick for you to
succeed, you should not judge people with it, I don't
have an apology. If I'm learning from people who are
older than me that is because I don't hang out with
my age mates; I don't think there is anything else
you want to teach me, and if you want to judge me
by the people I hang out with or by when I started my
hustle, where the hell were you at that time? What
really matters to me is that people who know me
during my not-too-proud days are so proud that, this
is me now. I have come far, it's something I'm
grateful for, and I couldn't have even written it better
if it were a story.

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