29 July 2013

SAD: See How Eating Disorder Has Make Beautiful Model Unrecognizable

Nana Karagianni is one of
the most famous and loved
journalist in Greece. She
used to be a model and
now work as a TV
presenter. Nana
Karagianni, who has been
suffering from anorexia
nervosa, seems to have spread great concern not
only in the Greek media, but the Turkish as well
Reporters and journalists of the newspaper Milliyet
have made a special tribute with an extensive story
on Nana and her eating disorder.
The article goes, "One of the most beautiful Greek
journalists, Nana Karagianni shocks everyone with
her terrible illness. In the past she used to work as a
model and later on television. Until the moment she
was hit by the models' disease, anorexia. The
beautiful and successful journalist has lost so much
weight over time that she has now become
According to News newspaper, the article was
accompanied with many of her wedding photos with
Giannis Kotsopoulos, along with others showing how
she looks today, which Nana herself has been
uploading on her personal Facebook page. Following
the publication, the article was also uploaded on the
newspaper's online site hitting thousands of "likes",
as so many people are interested in her health.

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