19 July 2013

Nando Accuse Selly for giving Him STD,

One of Ghana’s representatives at Big Brother Africa Season 8, Selly, was evicted days after the representative from Tanzania, Nando had accused her of giving him a Séxually Transmitted Infection (STI) when the two had unprotected séx in the house. Nando is angry over the development and is openly talking about it to other housemates in the competition: “You know I hate that bitch! I’m bleeping frustrated cos that bitch [Selly] gave me STD! That’s why my blood pressure was high yesterday,” he told Bimp, the representative from Ethiopia. According to Nando, he wanted to use as a condóm before having séx with Selly, but the Ghanaian lady said she wanted raw séx so he bonked her raw, completely unaware he would contract any disease. Reports say medical doctors are treating Nando for an STI called Chlamydiae. There is however no medical evidence yet that Nando contracted the infection from Selly. But Nando is so angry that he has even confronted Selly over the matter and told her straight in the face that she had infected him with a séxually transmitted disease. All Selly could do was to break down in tears and walk away when Nando demanded to know the last person she had séx with before their séxual intercourse in the Big Brother House. The raw séx between Selly and Nando became big news in Ghana because the lady is publicly known to be in an intimate relationship with hiplife musician Steven Fiawoo known in showbiz as Praye Tiatia of Praye fame. Praye Tiatia has not hidden his relationship with Selly and her mother has even stated publicly that Selly and the musician had stayed together for four years before she travelled to South Africa for the Big Brother show. What is not certain is whether Praye Tiatia would accept Selly back after the competition considering what has happened between her and Nando. Meanwhile, Selly’s mother, Benedicta Galley, has told Peace Fm’s ‘Entertainment Review’ that she believes Nando had cast some sort of spell on her daughter because her Selly is a well-trained girl who has been dating only Praye Tiatia for over four years. A video of the intercourse between Selly and Nando circulating on the internet showed the two kissing passionatély in béd with their hands all over each other. At a point Nando’s head disappeared under the sheets while Selly kept winding her waist and making erótic moans. Towards the end of the video, the Tanzanian was seen rocking his waist at Selly’s behind rhythmically under the sheets for over five minutes before leaving the béd to wash down. Several viewers, the world over, after watching the video of the ‘under béd sheet’ intercourse between Selly and Nando, concluded the two were having séx. Even though Big Brother confirmed the act, Selly’s mother denied her daughter was bonked. She insisted that what happened under the sheets was not séx but just a playful game. “I don’t believe Selly had séx. Even Big Brother himself could not go under the blanket to see what really happened because I have seen several other male and female housemates who also were under the blanket doing the same thing, so you cannot determine that simply because a male and a female are under the blanket it means they are having séx,” Benedicta Galley told Peace Fm’s ‘Entertainment Review’ and said Selly is her only child. Now that both Big Brother and Nando have confirmed that, indeed, what happened between the two was séxual intercourse, suspense has gone high over what explanation Selly would give to Praye Tiatia on her return to Ghana. By NewsOne - Ghana

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