11 January 2013


FIVE THINGS LADIES DO WRONG WHEN IN A RELATIONSHIP I found these article very interesting because it tend to be the main reasons why many relationship don’t last long especially caused by ladies, most importantly Nigeria ladies, if you asked many women who had experienced break relationship what lead to the breakup, they normally hold the guy responsible for the breakup ,to which I disagree , sincerely many ladies out there want a relationship that could last forever …BELOW ARE FIVE THINGS LADIES OPT NOT TO DO WHEN IN A RELATIONSHIP: 1. INTERVENTION IN THE PARTNERS AFFAIRS: you will agree with me that most ladies do intervene in their spouse affairs to be fair with you which many guys don’t like ,no man likes it when ladies ask them silly questions like where are you going ? , why are you late?, where did you put your phone when I called ?all these interrogation questions drive the many away, as these questions show you don’t trust him fully..myself don’t like those questions .how about you guys? 2. LACK OF INTIMACY: spending an intimate night together is one partner need. ladies should not ignore these when in a relationship because these has lead to many breakups and divorces among couples so avoid it… 3. STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN : many ladies are found of these ,many ladies like to play the role of a drama queen which can cause many relationship to deteriorate because many guys hate when ladies NAG,OR CONSTANTLY COMPLAIN OF A PARTICULAR THING. 4. ABSTAIN FROM TAiking ABOUT YOUR FUTURE AS A COUPLE:I considered these as the no1 thing ladies do or does mostly when in a relationship, to which many guys hate to hear about. In relationship ladies need to take things easy and slow ,planning your future as a couple is absolutely the last thing you should be talking with your guy when you knew he is not in the mood , speak about your future from an individualistic point of view and leave the other person out of it at least for the time being 5. INFIDELITY: you have found the partner that you want to spend your life with ,so their no need to look around at other men and cheat stay committed to your partner and his emotions. most Nigeria ladies cheat on their spouse …agree with me ? From:www.xmoentertainment.blogspot.com.

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