18 January 2013


Making money online these days has become more diffcult than ever,espspecially in the affilate marketing,google adsense is considerd no1 source of making ilgitimate money online,but there policies and regstriction has not allow many bloggers and websites owner accepted into their programme ,today I will be showin you how to make money with addynamo and steps to follow when registring. ADDYNAMO….is a gobal contextual advertising marketplace,connecting advertisers and publishers together seamlessly, online &mobile.. If you sign up with adDynamo as Nigerian ,you can receive your earning in dollars or in naira.if you choose dollar ,you will have to provide your payper account to receive your earnings or wait adDynamo debit card to be issued to you .if you do not a verfied payper account or cannt for wait adDynamo debit card to be processed,it is better opt for the naira option during registration .These simply let adDynamo pay you in naira. HOW TO SET UP adDynamo naira account?follow these simple steps below….. …….go to www.addynamo.com ……..click on publisher button and click signup …..you will see the signup form.enter your conact details as stated during the registration,your blog address as requested on the page ……..go to the next step .select nigeria as your country…and change the currency you could like to be paid in to naira ……..enter your bank account information in the spaces provided as see below….
…..click on channel tab…. …….click the first icon by the left to get your ad.code,as indicated in the picture above …..copy and paste the ad.code in your blog..hope these help.. Remeber do not on your advert and do not tell your friends to click for you …if you have contribution to make or questions to ask, kindly use the comment form below....or conact our service hotline on..2347068520458,23408162914007


  1. ok thanks a lot bro

  2. please can you tell me how i can add other adverts to the ad dynamo banner?thanks you. julietugwuozor@gmail.com