18 January 2013

(PHOTO) Believe It Or Not, A Woman Choked (To Death) Her Boyfriend With Her Breasts

Donna Lange, a 51-year-old woman from Everett, Washington, is believed to have suffocated her boyfriend to death with her breasts on Saturday, Jan. 12. Deputies, called to the Airport Inn trailer park at 12:45 a.m. for a disturbance report, found medics performing CPR on Lange’s 51-year-old alleged boyfriend, who was later pronounced dead at Swedish Hospital. Witnesses claims they saw Lange throw her boyfriend down in the back of the mobile home. She was later found by witnesses with her chest covering the victim’s face. Police noted the size difference between Lange and her boyfriend – she was 5-feet, 6-inches and 192 pounds, he was 5-feet, 7-inches and 175 pounds. Other women around the world are known to have allegedly used their breasts as weapons. In November, German lawyer Tim Schmidt claimed his girlfriend tried to smother him with her breasts. Schmidt said she pretended it was a s*x game. I asked her why she wanted to smother me to death with her breasts and she told me: “Treasure – I wanted your death to be as pleasurable as possible.”wonders shall never ,and will never ends..

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