20 August 2013

70-Year Old Man Inserts 10cm long Steel Fork Into His Penis ,when masturbating....

lol abeg what have been the motive of a 70-year old ,masturbating and to the extend of inserting a steel fork into his penis during the act??..the steel fork which is 10cm long was remove from the old papa penis by doctors, The 70-year-old went to the emergency canberra hospital in mexico complaining of excessive bleeding from his penis, admitting to had inserted a Piece of dinner cutlery into his urethra. Inorder to have full satisfaction from his act,buh Unfortunately for him the attempt went horrible
and it became stuck, leaving him in a severe pain b4 rushing down to the hospital by himself,
Doctors say the practice tends to occur 'during states
of pathological masturbation, substance abuse and intoxication...

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