26 August 2013

I Waiting on GOD to bless Me with The Right Man.... says Genevieve Nnaji

she was interview recently by Azuh Arinze of Yes Magazine,where the Hollywood queen open up on so many issues ,from her private to her relationship and her plan to go back to school...interview report below How did you come into the movie industry? "I have been acting since I was eight in Ripples. That was how I got into acting. For movies, I think that should be in 1998 in Most Wanted. I met Torino (Emeka Ojukwu) in a bus and to my greatest surprise, he recognized me from Ripples. He asked me why I left the industry and later invited me to the audition for Most Wanted. I got a role. A waka pass and that was it." But the story we heard was that Kunle Coker brought you into Nollywood and both of you even dated "Yes, Kunle Coker was actually my boyfriend, but he did not bring me to the industry. Is it true that you dumped him for Fred Amata "Fred Amata? I've never had anything to do with Fred Amata. I used to call him uncle, so I don't see the reason why I should date Fred. We are just friends." What would you say is the worst story ever written about you in the press? "So many bad things. But the one I hated most was the one about Fred Amata and I. It hurt me so much. I don't know where they got that story from." Tell us about the first time you fell in love "I think we met at a show. This was when I was in secondary school. (Her baby daddy). We shared a lot of things in common - singing. It was a case of two compatible people who were so much in love So what eventually happened? "Relationships sometimes come to an end." What's your greatest wish? "That God continues to bless me. Especially with the right man and a good family." It's like you are eager to get married "No. The thing is just that there comes a time in your life where everything is going fine and all you can say to yourself is after this, what next? After everything you have to get married as far as you're a woman. Why have you not furthered your education? "Life is not the same for everybody. Some people are lucky they come out of secondary school and go straight to university. Mine was different. But I'm determined. Definitely I'm going back to school. I wanted to make money. I love my money. I cherish my own money. So I will go back when I make enough. But even while I'm there I won't stop working." What part of a man's body do you like most? "A man's chest, from the belly up. Where do you hope to be in the next ten years? "In the next ten years, I know I will be married with kids. But I think it all depends on what God has fashioned out for me. I know I will still be in the entertainment industry or the fashion world."


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