27 August 2013

Man Marriage proposal ends in disaster,as the lady hit him with miniature guitar

LOL...abeg if you planing a surprise marriage proposal ,to you fiancee ,abeg find perfect way to do it,so as not to be hit with a guitar in the head ..lol....,read the story of man who tried to propose to his girlfriend at a Dubai,shopping mall ,i guess the Indian man as planned his prospal presentation very well ,coz he came to the mall with some musical instrument and some back up singers, the man began to say his proposal words.com,You are my charm, you are my sweety pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything, and I know you find this cheesy but I want everyone to know, you make me really happy.' As a crowd gathers things start going badly for the man when a toy town-style mall train drives past, breaking the mood and the embarrassed girl mutters 'Oh my god everyone's watching. the man continues: 'I have a little poem for you and I want everyone to hear this. 'When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. And my heart ceases to beat and there is nothing else I seek except you.' As he gets down on one knee the girl begs him to stop but he continues: 'And I Just have one question for you. You truly make me that happiest person on earth.'
when the lady couldn't take any of the man speech again she grabbed a miniature guitar out of the hands of the man backup singer,and forcefully hit it on the man head ,unto the ground the man went..and she left the environment immediately ...


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