27 August 2013

crazy Female Journalist Takes Off Her Clothes While Interviewing a Government Leader

A female Canadian radio presenter and newspaper columnist went off the hook ,while interviewing a local government leader ,took off her top clothe Lori Welbourne, who hosts the radio show On The Rocks and writes a column for the Province newspaper, was talking to Walter Gray, mayor of Kelowna in British Columbia, about whether it was legal in the town for women to bare their br**sts in public. ‘What if I went walking down the street unclad?’ she asked in the recorded interview.But before Gray could answer her question, Welbourne handed him her microphone and undid the strap on her dress, exposing her br**sts. ‘What are you doing,’ he asked, to which she replied, ‘it’s really hot in here.’ After regaining his composure, Gray explained that while someone may be tempted to call the police there is little authorities could do because it is in fact entirely legal for a woman to be unclad anywhere a man can be. Welbourne’s stunt was in anticipation of Sunday’s Go unclad Day.
Public uncladness is not illegal anywhere in Canada unless it’s deemed to be indecent. It is also legal for women in a range of American states though plenty still outlaw. ‘So I can go unclad here in Kelowna?’ Welbourne went on. ‘Well, evidently,’ Gray said. ‘I’m not suggesting you should do that but I don’t think you’d be committing any crime or breaking any bylaw.’ Groups of women turned out shirtless in cities including New York on August 25 to celebrate a women’s right to bare her br**sts in public. The annual event was started in 2007. Welbourne went on to ask the mayor whether he was aware we are all unclad under our clothes and whether he had any piercing and he replied in good humor

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