23 August 2013

Two Gay friends Caught In Ogun State,after Partner Screamed Out For His Missing TOTO,lol

Sadiq's friend, Ibrahim, allegedly raised the alarm that his toto had been taken,
According to Ibrahim, who was seen naked before some men,said sadiq paid him a visit last night
some men, Sadiq had paid him a visit last night and, he began to have sex with him ,when p.M. News visited the scene, Ibrahim penis was of normal size, but he was making efforts to
make it turgid as a proof that it was fully restored.
Ibrahim, who is also a squatter in the house, alleged
that it was the first time Sadiq would be visiting him.
Though they have been friends for some time now,
Ibrahim said he never knew his friend was gay until
last night. Sadiq, in a confessional statement to local
vigilantes at the scene of the incident, said he has
been homosexual for the past 3 years.
He denied snatching his friend's male organ, but said
he had engaged only men in sex since then and futher indicted a prophet whose church is within the area, as the man one who prepared the concoction with which he engages in the act ,however ,the who. Was prophet who was invited by the
vigilantes, denied the allegation. He said he had
known Sadiq as one who never chased after women
and did not know that the man was gay. Neighbours
said that the owner of the one- room apartment
where the incident occurred lives and works in Lagos
and only visits the place at weekends.
Sadiq was later whisked away by the vigilantes after ,much plea to stop beating him. Was rebuffed by the people in the area.

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