13 August 2013

I was dethroned because I refuse to have sex with the director of the show..miss Nigeria open up

In a recent an exclusive interview granted to miss united nation ,the pageant queen open up on an issue which will clear online media for the not couple of months to come...full interview below...
Why were you dethroned?
It all started when I got the Franchise for
participation at the Miss United Nations Pageant on
the 17th to 18th of April 2013.
Because I was getting late for everything, they
immediately forwarded my invitation letter and other
documents to facilitate my VISA application. In
addition, they assigned to me an African Director
whose job was to make sure I secure a Tourist Visa to
Mexico were the finals would take place. I had all his
details sent to me and I contacted him and we
started working.
First he sent me Embassy requirements which I met
but one thing never went well with me. And that was
the Exaggeration of the visa fee from 30pounds to
700USD for each person and for 3 people, that would
be #280,000 in Nigerian Currency, and I was to
travel with my chaperone and personal director.
I paid him the sum of #70,000 for a start before he
went ahead with the procession of visa.
Some days after we were invited for Biometrics and
on getting there we also made another payment of
30,000. We got the Visa and promised to pay up
when we return to Yenagoa.
When we got home, Mr Richard who was my personal
director suggested I should do a Coronation Party for
Recognition and attention and it came to pass with
guests as Mr Zelly Mighty the African Director, Mr
Jahn Basil the National Director, Sharon Mmezie Miss
Unity Nigeria, Lynda Onwuka' Queen Culture, Chisom
Ubadike' Miss Agulu, Amaka' Runway Queen and so
many others on the 19th of May.
The next day, 20th, I took them on a Courtesy visit to
my State Govt' Chief of staff and were received with
warm hands. They were also given an Appreciation of
Along the line, something camp up. I had a little
problem and my personal director secretly suggested
that I should be replaced by one Emilia Miebi. It came
to my knowledge and I had him removed as my
A few weeks after, Mr Zelly invited us to Concord
hotels for the Official unveiling of Delegates to Miss
United Nations. I attended the event with my
Manager/Chaperone, Miss Jessica. We were allocated
to our rooms. While we were around, they called us
for a meeting to discuss with us, I never knew they
had it all planned. I was with Mr Zelly and he was
beginning to irritate me with all Sex talks and
proposals. Telling me, he can make me win if I go to
bed with him. The next minute, I heard Jessica
shouting out of annoyance and raining insults on Mr
Jahn Basil for having locked up the room and
attempted rape with force. We would have recorded
the discussion but never knew the utilities of the
phone we were using at that time. Though we had
chats via sms on our phones. We also felt we would
report to the UN pageant authorities by the time we
arrive in Mexico.
We returned to our homes and went about flight
bookings. But then, we got a message again from
them saying they have been able to talk to some
airlines in our favour and that they have reached a
subsidised agreement of #420,000 instead of
#456,050 flight ticket fee since we were travelling in
I and Jessica paid that amount to this account
number… "Mr Zelly Chidi Mighty, 0211….." and also
prepared to leave from Lagos to Mexico on the 30th
of June as the flight itinerary was booked. The event
was to kick off on the 1st and end on the 7th of July
On getting to Lagos, we were informed that the
pageant was postponed to October and the Venue
shifted to Miami. When we reached were the other
girls were staying, we asked them if the pageant
truly was authentic due to the impromptu in
changing dates, and if they knew much about these
Directors but we got no for an answer.
I stand to say, Mr Zelly hides his identity and the
other girls are aware but wouldn't want to tell us.
Often a time, he would always tell me that Miss
Sharon and Lynda are his girls and no doubt I was
always seeing them hug sexually and I also noticed
they always inhabit a single room anytime they
lodge. I believe the girls have compromised their
dignity for a position because he had also promised
me such a place in the Miss United Nations if I agree
to go to bed with him.
I was yet to understand what he earlier meant by
telling me Sharon and Lynda are his girls until I saw
for my self how he Pimped them for men and how
they always say yes to his commands whether right
or wrong.
Anyway, since the pageant was no longer holding, we
pleaded for our Tickets to be put on refund. At first
they were reluctant, trying to convince us to keep it
till the Miami trip because the other girls must have
agreed. We stood our grounds and made them put
our tickets on refund. They also told us that the
refund process would take 5working days to be done
and we agreed.
Later we realised they wanted to travel to Togo, to
while away time and leave us behind, so we also
thought of the fact that we don't know these men to
their offices and houses and if they eventually run
away with our money, what would we tell those who
are already in doubt about the whole pageant?
We decided to follow them to Togo after agreeing
that everybody would pay 50,000 for all logistics.
We also did, just to follow up our ticket money. While
we were there, we would remind them everyday if
they had checked for updates about our Ticket. They
brought back those Harassment again and because
we would bluntly refuse all the time, they decided to
hate on us with passion.
Treated us wrongly, always puts his girls first and us
second in everything. And I never knew Mr Zelly, the
African Director of Miss United Nations was a PIMP
until the day we were all preparing to go for a party.
We got all dressed up but before we could reach the
venue for the party, these two(2) girls, Miss Unity
Nigeria and Queen Culture were already there and
Lynda was closely Leaning on one of the guy while
Sharon was sitting on one of the guys lap. They were
some Nigerian guys in Togo.
The rest of the girls were forced to question them
why they were at the party before every other person
and after hearing their explanations, especially from
Sharon who confided in me and said in #quote,
"Zelly insisted we should arrive here before anyone,
that there were some men that he arranged for us to
spend the night with, so they could give us some
money to do some of the shopping here in Togo" she
also said that Zelly also felt we would have reduced
their chances of hooking up with the guys since I was
always beating her to her beauty and looks.(i was
laughing @this point) and we never saw them till the
next morning.
A lot of Similar cases like this happened severally,
even at the beach, we were made to arrive later than
everyone. I mean i, Jessica, Steiner and Chisom with
A day before our departure, he sent his P.A to our
room to request for another #50,000 and if we don't
pay, they will leave us in Togo. At this very point, my
chaperone, Jessica let loosed her anger and was
talking while walking out of the room. She went
outside to meet the African Director and while talking
to him, a lot of people gathered. This brought one
Nigerian girl that understood "Ibo" to us and Steiner
who speaks Ibo was narrating the whole story to her
when she laughed and told us we've been fooled all
this while. She also added that these men are
Fraudsters, what we call in Nigeria as 4.1.9. She then
promised to call on her friend, and to our surprise,
those friends she called were International
Policemen! They came around our hotel and had all
of them arrested except for the girls.
Through the night, we thought to our selves and
decided to settle everything cause it might blow out
of proportion and besides, we were not in our home
country. We begged for bail and the next day, we left
Togo for Nigeria. Reaching Nigeria we headed
straight to the Bank and had them refund us our
money. Meanwhile, they had deducted our money as
Actual Amount: #420,000 minus
Togo Trip: 50,000
Deduction from Airline which was supposed to be
15%, they collected 20%and that was 80,000
My Outstanding Visa fee: 90,000.
And told us that the money due to us is just 200,000
only. The same thing was done to Jessica but we all
collected it that way with no complaints.
A few days ago, I received some messages from this
same monster in my dreams, Mr Zelly Mighty, via
emails, facebook and whatsapp that i am an ingrate
and that he has tried to help me but I wouldn't take it
and rather I proved difficult to him and for that
reason, he was going to deal with me. He also
promised to replace me with another delegate. He
never stopped there, he went further to ruin my
personality to the United Nations Pageant president,
Mr Leong Williams. He said in #quote from one of the
chats he had with someone that I am a street and
club girl and not worth being a queen. Ask me, are
his girls worth being one? When all they do is sell
their dignity for positions?
I also reported to the United Nations Organisation
and they told me to hang on, that their board of
directors were attending to that dispute and they
would reply me with a letter. I felt it was my
Invitation letter for Miami.
Not until the 9th of August 2013, I got a message
alert only to find a heading as
"Dethronement Of Miss Nigeria United Nations".
Though I didn't panic cause I had already concluded
that I won't be part of such a pageant.
But it pained me cause the African Director had no
idea how I got my Franchise, neither does he have
the power to replace or dethrone anyone not me
either. After all I had been through from him and his
co-conspirators and he wouldn't just let me be.
From what I read in the Dethronement letter, it
seems, he had also advice the other girls, Sharon,
Amaka, Chisom and Lynda to complain and write
False stories about me which are not true and can
never be true.
I don't care the number of people who are set to taint
and destroy my image & personality.
Am doing this Press release to inform the Media, TV
stations, Radio Houses, Bloggers, websites and every
other communication centre to know that I am a
Personality to behold and would never ever Stand to
be Used in such a Derogatory manner. There are
back-ups to what I've just explained.
Pass this on…"I bluntly refused to Compromise my
Dignity and that is why I was Dethroned as Miss
Nigeria United Nations".
Thank you.
Continuation of the Reply…
I am aware that this Pageant is by the acclaimed
nomenclature under auspices of the United Nations,
which has as one of it's Articles, the need for every
individual to have the Right to respect, for the
dignity inherent in him/her human persons and to
the recognition of higher Legal Status. All forms of
exploitation and degradation of men(women
inclusive) particularly slavery, slave trade, torture,
cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and
treatment shall be prohibited.
No doubt, the African Charter and the Present
Nigerian constitution have adopted the foregoing
piece of Legislation.
Therefore, my dethronement based on complaint
founded as the above without Fair hearing to me
indicates fundamentally that you are all Co-
conspirators in the said plot. And one is inevitably
carrying the conclusion that those who are drafted to
replace me and deprive me of my self-attained
franchise for the contest are all reasonably suspected
to be tainted with having Compromised their Dignity.
Accordingly, I have no Doubts based on the
Foregoing, that the would-be Miss United Nations
and Candidates or Contestants Submitted to the
I will forever stand to oppose those Agents and Media
of this Obnoxious Acts.
I don't see why Bayelsans and Nigerians would want
to have anything to do with you,.

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