17 January 2014

How To Make Money On Nairabet

you looking for the perfect way to make cool cash on nairabet ? ,without placing any bet ?then read below >>You tell your friends about NairaBET and you get paid.Wouldn't that be great? I mean, you have probably told one or two people but you did not get rewarded,That is over.Nairabet now pay you for spreading the word...
Nairabet will be paying you 30% of the money NairaBET makes from the person you refer and they will pay you for 3 months.
Let me explain better.
You tell a friend about NairaBET and he signs up. Let us assume that he brings in 10,000 and he loses it all in 3 months,nairabet will pay you N3,000     NAIRABET
If he loses only 1,000 it means you will get 300 and so on.
So as long as NairaBET makes money, you will be getting paid.Interested?This is what you should do.
Log into your NairaBET account,clik on affiliate center at the top right hand side of the page where you have your balance.
Clik on Affiliate Link.That is the link through which you will be registering others.
What I mean is that if you register them through
nairabet.com directly,nairabet will not be able to know who register with them so they wont pay you. That link is yours only.Only you have it so when they register through you,you get paid.
Start telling your friends about it.
Also,copy your link,go to related forums,blogs and start promoting.Write articles and use your links in it.....For those that doesn't know about Nairabet,NAIRABET is all about predicting the outcome of sports events.You don't have to predict the exact scoreline if you don't want to.
Let me use football as an example.  NAIRABET
If Manchester United is playing Wigan Athletic at home,you can stake your money that Manchester United will win. If you are correct,you will win your bet.The amount you will win will depend on the odds on that particlular match.
Using the Manchester United and Wigan example I gave above,a bookmaker can say his price/odds for the match is 1.2. This means that whatever you bet with will be multiplied by 1.2
Is it making sense now?
Predict that Wigan will beat Manchester United, the odds could
be 14.2. That means that whatever you bet with will be multiplied by 14.2 Still using the Manchester United and Wigan example...
So if you want to bet on it, what would you do? Manchester United to win at 1.2? If you put 1,000 on that, you will get just 1,200 in return. That is just 200 gain. Or will you back
Wigan to win at 14.2? You only need to put in 1,000 to win 14,200. But will Wigan beat Manchester United?
If 1.2 sounds small to you, there is something you can do to
increase your potential returns. It's called accumulators. Let me explain what that is.
Let us assume that this weekend, these are the matches that will be played.
Man Utd V Wigan
Chelsea V West Brom  click here   nairabet
Arsenal V Sunderland
If the odds for Man Utd to win is 1.2 and Chelsea to win is also
1.2 and Arsenal to win is 1.4. What you can do is to combine
these matches and say they Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal will win
so you returns will be 1.2 multiplied by 1.2 multiplied by 1.4.
1.2 times 1.2 times 1.4 = 2.016
So if you put 1,000 your returns will be 1,000 times 2.016
which gives us 2,016. That has increased your returns. The only problem is that with accumulators, once one of your picks go wrong,everything goes wrong.
To get started, just head over to
NAIRABET  to sign
up at no cost. When you get there, click on Sign Up. Please fill in all you details correctly.
You real names, real email address, real telephone numbers and so on. This is important when nairabet want to pay you.
Go to NAIRABET right away.
After signing up, an email will be sent to your email address. Open the email and click on the confirmation link in the email, That
is when your membership will be activated.
What are you waiting for? Go and sign up right away.
PS: I used the football example not because only football is available. As you can see on the website, other sports are on offer as well.
PPS: You can accumulate different matches from different sports. by www.xmoentertainment.blogspot.com


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