17 January 2014


Airtel Nigeria Releases Cheap Opera Mini Data Subscription For Android/Smart Phones You have BBM8 and its working fine? Good luck to you, I guess your phone is on point! According to my reviews, below are the disabilities of BBM8 if your phone is not on point ; 1. It will slow down the operating system of your Blackberry device. 2. Your Blackberry Messenger's display picture will get to a point at which it will refuse to change, hard reset will not change it neither. 3. You are the type that send broadcast messages? BBM8 is the wrong BBM for you. WHY? 4. Opening the Broadcast Message screen will take you nothing less than two minutes to open (so irritating). 5. BBM8 will eventually crash you Blackberry device without any solution. Don't stress yourself wiping your BlackBerry device nor wasting your time and money giving your device to an engineer to format. Simply download the BBM7 according to your Operating System (OS) below; BLACKBERRY MESSENGER v (OS5) I think I'm done...if you need any help,please comment below and I will answer because some people can use call to kill person,don't call me

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