16 January 2014

Popular blogger Ladunlaidi Caught in an online romance with a fan

many of you knows her,if not> ladun fyn no be small.>>enjoy there exotic chats below>> via ladunlaidiblog Lol, was just going through my mail tonite and found this. I know some of you will say Ladun this is crazy, childish, you are a flirt and what have you. Hey it’s my blog, lol. But I think this will spice up some people’s day night, lol. You see, bloggers get toasted too, lmao… and I think this is so hilarious. Funny enough, I never knew I would one day post this. It happened sometime ago, and going through it now made me laugh more at myself. So this guy wanted to place an advert on my blog and that was how it started. Wanna know him, you never will, LOL. Only one blogger might, cus the advert was on my blog and the other blog too. Okay bye. Please Note: I posted it just for fun, life is too short and full of fun, dnt take life to serious, enjoy it to the fullest. Lol...The chat; Guy: Hi Ladun, Longest TIme, We want to Renew our Ad on your Blog. LL (so we agreed and advert was placed, lol continue…) Guy: Why haven’t you revealed yourself LL: Youre so funny, Im a low Profile Person, No Paparazzi or anything like that, Nothing more. GUY: Meanwhile, We can do Lunch this weekend How about that ? LL: Huh? Hahaha I am not doing lunch o. Mba, before they say ladun liadi romances ceo or wht ever. GUY: LOL Then another renewal mail LL: Lol, oh una don dey sell too much, dats good. Lol. How many months advert? GUY: How much should we credit into your account Ma ? LL: Lol do six months now. Am off will reply u later. Done at d salon. tnx GUY:We don't make money like that o, Business is Slow these days Madam. LL: Lol. Your choice then. GUY: I want Leader Board Space now LL: Do you know the price? Please check our ad rates with you GUY: Madam, E de Re'nle, This is Family affairs Na lol. Biko Assist Us. GUY: Are you on BB ? Give me your PIN Madam. LL:No am not. Its a distraction. am on email and my blog, lollllllllllllllll GUY: Na wa for Our 17th Century Madam o. lol So how do you get News and Gossips on the GO ? Are you on Whats App ? LL: No i shld say na wa for this chat. U think BB isn't a distraction? Hmm, well our jobs are different. Its d biggest distraction ever, even if u change pins every month, chnging fones people will still disturb. This one no do? Lol GUY: True That Whats your Job Besides Blogging ? LL: Job? Used to be a journalist with a media house. But God forbid, that's so gone now. I work for myself fully. I'm tired. Need to sleep lol GUY: ok, Madam, I will send you the Attachment and also Credit your Account GUY: What's your account details Ma ? LL:Ma? joker....lol LL:Regards to ur wive/wives and kids....lol GUY: Wife and Kids Ke ? I am 100% Single, Trying to Make Money First...lol LL: Oh please. Did you read Jude Okoye's tweet on my blog? Yea right, na u be no 1 liar. Bros go and sleep GUY: Jude is entitled TO his Opinion, There will always be Exceptions to the Rule, I will NEVER Deny My Wife and Kids WHEN I do have them, For Now, Na Hustling Levels I Dey o. When I become Very Wealthy then a Wife and Kids can come. lol LL: AMEN. We shall quote u then. Ok my own profile. Am married with three boys and a girl. GUY: WOW !!! Thats Great. GUY: I Invited You for Lunch Sometime Ago and You Declined, As a Married Woman it wouldn't have been a Big Deal o. Is Liadi your Maiden or Husband Name ? LL: Husband's lol. Yay am married and his name is Liadi GUY: I Hope you're not Winding me Up. . . lol LL:No just kidding. Everyone knows am not married now, haba. lol.... GUY: You got me there Sha. GUY: Why Cant We Place a Face to the Name ? Are you Camera Shy ? LL: NO. Jst used to being behind the scenes. Worked at a media house and was used to writing abt people and not being in the fore front. But guess blogging is different tho, lol. Every one wanna see u first, lollllllll GUY: Yeah and That "Every One" Includes Me GUY: So Wheres Your Photo @ ? LL: Photo? hahaha hmmm ok. Send urs lets see u first GUY: This is Me. GUY: Oya Send Yours. GUY: Im still waiting o LL: WOW men will be men. LOL. You sent ur pic to someone u dnt know? HAHAHA This aint yahoo m or facebook now. lol... just kidding handsome bobo, but go to work sha. Started working. GUY: Ha, You have scammed me. lol GUY: Women Will Always Be Women....You agree on Something they turn it all around...lol Send me Your Pic o... LL: The pic isn't exclusive to u bro b4 u think........... Some people have seen it, it was on ynaija and punch. So have it. GUY: Very Cute Smile, I Hope You're as Innocent WIFEY and Calm as You Look...lol LL: I dnt know abt dat. Can i go now? GUY: Ok Dear, Ill Speak to you Later. GUY: Madam, How Did your Day go ? LL: Wht? U want to turn it into everyday chat? No way GUY: For Asking How Your Day went ? Abeg No Vex. LL: Lol, dat got me rolling. Y did u get angry? Laughing out loud here GUY: Abeg No Vex. LL:I didnt mean it that wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GUY: Thats Fine, Have you got time to Chat ? LL: Oh u expect me to say no, so u wld get angry agn. I wont say no, lol, Am working, but its fine, its d same system. GUY: I don't get Upset Like that, I just like to respect Peoples Privacy. GUY: So Tell me about Yourself, All You would tell a Guy on A First date....lol LL: Ehen, think am having fun now, lol. Life is good. Nothing, just look around (environment), laugh and never look into his eyes. Never GUY: Will his eyes make you melt or thats your Weakness ? GUY: I mean tell me Everything about u a New Friend needs to know. LL: Melt? No. Just the shy type. Everything? Am ladun, love to laugh, play, used to wrestle a lot with my brothers but have stopped now, lol. LL: Oh and i forgot am the best dancer in nigeria, kaffy has got nothing on me, lol. I love dancing GUY: Thats Great. GUY: So Thats all I need to know about Ladun ? LL: Yea dats all abt me. The whole truth GUY: Thats Great. Whats your Age Range ? Age is 'guessable' lol GUY: Guessable ? Just the Range Will be Fine, I can Figure. GUY: Also What part of Lagos do you stay ? LL: LMAO Mainland. You r d one asking all the questions ummm, but not replying with urs after answering mine GUY: Thats Great. GUY: Ask And Ye shall Be Told....lol GUY: Are you Single ? Have you ever bn Married ? Kids ? LL:Have i ever been married as how. lol.... nooooooooo wht a questn. Am not single got 3 lovely men in my life dat i can die for. Tell me abt the schools u attended n wht u do 4a living. Obviously, am in my 20's. cnt wait to be in my 30's tho. GUY: GCI Ibadan, Wesley College and Unilag. GUY: Who r the 3 men you can die For ? LL: What your kidding. My cousins went to GCI. My brothers. The most handsome men i have ever seen. GUY: GCI used to be the Ishhh Back in the days, We lived in Bodija and GCI was like 2 Hours Drive away. GUY: Are you in a Relationship ? LL: yes and no. but i feel sleepy, cus u r replying late GUY: Sorry about that, Back and Forth on email is kinda Slow, Are you on Whats App ? GUY: Whats YES and NO about Relationship Status ? LL: Yes. The yes is sure, and the no is shaky. Thats all i can say GUY: Come Over to Whats App, Just add my number as a Contact on your Phone GUY: Relationship Wise, r u open to testing new waters or you've got to your Destination ? LL: Lol yea just tried to do dat, but it's not showing u on whatsapp. Isnt whatsapp supposed to be automatic? Or come on facebook GUY: Alright, Im On Facebook. LL: Added u SO HE CALLED AND PRANKED ME ON THE PHONE LL:Still cnt believe u did that. GUY: I Prank'd you....lol LL:It wasnt funny. Not fair GUY: Ok. LL:But thats not an apology GUY: Apology Ke ? It was Fun While It lasted. LL:Not fair. U hv to lol. U just hv to, am serious GUY: Ok, Sorry. LL: tired, headache n feeling sleepy. GUY:Hi Dear, how r u ? Can you come to Facebook ? LL: Ok GUY: Where r u ? GUY: U left without saying bye GUY: I asked u so many questions and you didnt reply... LL: Noooo u left. Let me login to facebook. GUY: I called and your number was switched off, Figured u fell asleep... LL: Lol how can? I had to attend a meeting. Jst returned home sir GUY:I mean I called you last night when I wasnt getting a reply from Facebook. Switched off. LL:Oh didnt know. R u coming on Facebook? GUY:I will once I get home in abouy 30 mins. GUY:My cook is off today so im eating in a restaurant right now. LL:Okay. GUY: R u awake? na the beginning we see we need see the end<< hope la dun get hooks up very fast o>> coz she ma mentor in these blogging world>>>and seeing getting married one day will be my joy>>


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