19 January 2014

Exclusive: Pregnant Sunshine Haye Is Davido's Real Girlfriend! She Reacts

Trust me to go snooping around, guys. And here's what I just found out.
Dear pregnant 23 years old Jamaican beauty Sunshine Haye IS Davido's girlfriend and the chick is pissed that early reports quoted her and Davido briefly meeting during his 2013 UK tour and he knocking her up then. Sunshine's relationship with Davido dates way back to 2012 and during that time, the hot couple were soooo in love, they were even flaunting it on social media.
Remember that time last year, Davido complained about being single again, it was Sunshine he was talking about not Funke Aboderin. January 17th was Sunshine's 23rd birthday.
Davido's girlfriend is pregnant, guys. Probability dey o say na Davido belle be dat.
I will update as story comes in.


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