7 July 2014

Adokiye Apologizes For Offering Her ‘Virginity’ In Exchange For The Chibok Girls

Am sure you still remember her trending offer to boko haram in exchange for the kidnapped chibok girls

Well this time she has come out to apologize to all women for her demand for Boko Haram to take her virginity, saying she was’nt advocating rape and was merely being her brother’s keeper.
According to her, people should not have a misconception about my request to the dreaded Sect, because whatever it is those kids are going through, since we cannot see them, it should be thrown to me instead and allow them be freed.
“Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting r-pe or pleading to be r-ped as what some people are making the situation seem like a joke but whatever it is they are going through, because we cannot see them, I would say should be thrown to me instead and allow them be freed,” she noted.
“I want to use this opportunity to apologise to all the women around the world who have gotten my fight twisted for some reasons or the other to see this as not only a selfless service to humanity but to fall back to the biblical times where Jesus urged us to be our brothers keeper and love others as we love ourselves,” she begged.
She went on further to encourage girls to keep their chastity as it was a precious gift.
“Maidenhood has its own spiritual benefit. A lot of girls that are virgins think virginity is not worth keeping probably because they are being mocked and called names, a lot of people say virtue, is lack of opportunity. So I am using this great opportunity to let the world know that if you are a girl and a virgin, oh you have a precious gift.
“Make sure you end it up with a man who knows your worth, a man who knows what it means to have a pure lady. It is not a thing to be shameful about at all. Be proud,” she said.

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