6 July 2014

Photos: Ghanaian Hip-hop Life Artiste, Castro the Destroyer drown dead ,while trying to save his GF.

 Popular Ghanaian Hip-hop life musician, Castro, according tosources from Ghana, is at the moment feared dead after he drowned in the Ada river, trying to rescue his drowning GF.
Reports say Castro and his close buddy who also doubles as a footballer for the Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan, had gone to Ada on a weekend rendezvous. The duo went jet-skiing and the unfortunate happened. Castro and his girlfriend were on their jet ski when she fell into the water. Castro dived into the water to save her but ended up drowning with her.
According to an eyewitness at Aqua safari beach, where the incident took place, Asamoah Gyan is
already in uncontrollable tears but at the moment, the safest news is that Castro is missing as Castro's body and his friend's are yet to be found. Castro De Destoyer’s ski was found without him.


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