5 July 2014

I’m Not Broke & Didn’t Start A Family Anywhere - Kel

Rapper Kel in a new interview with Punch has said she is not broke and
neither did she start a family like some people have speculated. While
debunking the rumour, the rapper who says she has missed not
performing on stage says she will soon be back doing music. A lot of
people have said the rapper is broke, and that's why little or nothing
has been heard of her. Here is what she told Punch;
"I used to read what was written about me, become saddened and
sometimes cry. But I have moved on. Now I read and laugh a lot, shake
my head, and sometimes share jokes with friends. I have grown wiser
and stronger and more comfortable and honest with who I am. Experience
has taught me a lot and I have learnt that nobody will look out for
you like you can.
"Right now, I will make music that is raw and real.. I miss performing
on stage. Some people said I left because I was broke and started a
family somewhere. But they are all wrong.

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