15 July 2014

Finally Adamawa Governor Nyako Impeached , Deputy Resigns

Finally   nyako impeached ,full story below

After weeks of impeachment threats Adamawa state governor, Murtala Nyako, has been kicked out of office  by the Adamawa State House of Assembly, while his deputy, James Ngilari voluntarily resigned before the house could impeach him along with Nyako.

Insiders said  that Nyako an APC card carrying member might be heading to court to challenge the impeachment, and his lawyers are on standby to begin proceedings.

The state is reportedly in top preparation for the swearing-in of the Speaker Umaru Fintiri as the next executive governor of the state most probably today.
The governor was found guilty of gross misconduct and financial impropriety and the 7 man investigative team had no choice but to kick him out

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