6 July 2014

Rukky Sanda & Jamil Abubakar Debunk Dating rumor

Nollywood  outdated actress Rukky Sanda and Jamil Abubakar, first son of the current Inspector General of Police-IGP MD Abubakar, have denied  dating rumor,jamil made this known during an excuslive interview yesterday in Abuja 

  • There is this rumour that you are having a secret romance with Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda ,what is your reaction to that?
I am not dating Rukky Sanda. Rukky is my friend, she is like a sister to me. She is an amazing lady and I’ve come to respect her a lot. The truth is that she has her own date and not me, we just happen to be close. Sometimes, we attend functions and go to eateries together. I guess some overzealous bloggers and media practitioners are just trying to blow things out of proportion, they should learn to get facts before publishing. If one is having an affair, it shouldn’t be something to hide if it’s true. Rukky has the same perception about our friendship as I do. The thought of this rumor actually cracks me up.

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