3 July 2014

How These women Kidnap A Girl In Lagos, Sell Her for N650,000

How can you sell your fellow human being? The quest for money is
really pushing people to the extreme:
The Lagos State Police Command has arrested four women for allegedly
abducting and selling a nine-year-old girl, identified as Blessing,
for N650,000. The women are Fausat Ogidan, Abibat Oresanya, Bola
Obajuruwa and Idiyat Abass.
The women were apprehended on Sunday, June 6, after a tip-off. The
Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, had directed the command's Special
Anti-Robbery Squad, led by SP Abba Kyari, to go after the child
sellers' syndicate.
Mrs Fausat Ogidan, who was with the nine-year-old girl, and had
collected the money on behalf of others, was arrested in the Gbagada
area of Lagos.
According to Punch, that the 51-year-old woman, who is married with
four children, had arranged to sell the girl on that Sunday. The girl
was given to Ogidan by Mrs Bola Obajuruwa, commonly known as Iya
Alaje, who lives in the Suberu Street in the Alakuko area of Lagos.
Iya Alaje also confessed that she had told Ogidan to sell the girl for
N350,000 before she was caught.
In her confession, she said, "I used to sell herbs in the Agege
Market. I told Fausat (Ogidan) to sell the girl for N350,000, but
Fausat added N300,000 as her own profit. The girl was sold to me by
Idiyat (Abass) and her elder sister, Abibat.
"I bought her from them for N130,000. They said they were going to
give the money to the girl's mother who wanted to get rid of her
because of poverty."
Obajuruwa, when arrested, led the police to the other two ladies,
Abass and Oresanya, who got the girl from her parents and connived to
sell her.
It was gathered that Oresanya claimed that Blessing's mother had
wanted to dispose of her and use the money obtained to take care of
her other children.
But during interrogation, Blessing, who said her real name is Yetunde,
told the police that she was kidnapped from their residence in Ibadan.


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