10 July 2014

Meet Nigerian Man Who Got Married To 2 Ladies in One Day

 These days, many ladies in their late 20s and early 30s in churches are all out praying for "a miracle husband" while the men who look ready are praying for "a miracle job".

Some of those men who have everything it takes to have more than one wife are renting houses for girlfriends in secret locations, sleeping with them, and they will still come to church and pretend to be holy, since no one in the church knows what they are doing secretly. Who is fooling who?
If a man marries two wives legitimately and pay their bride price to their families, there is no need to hide. But if you keep a secret girlfriend as a married man, you are committing adultery according to what the Bible say...

Now the crux of the matter is: these men don't know if their Pastors will approve of them having another wife. So, the earlier our Pastors address this issue CLEARLY, the sooner Christian men will stop adultery.

Once again, go to churches and you will see more single ladies than single guys. Who will marry those ladies?

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