6 August 2013

2 brothers killes in their sleep by a 16 footh python that entered their room

Two brothers, age five and seven, have been tragically strangled to death in their sleep by a massive 16-foot python that escaped from a pet store below the apartment where the children were staying. Connor and Noah Barth were sleeping soundly when the 100-pound African Rock Python fell from the ceiling and attacked them. The boys were spending the night with Jean-Claude Savoie, who lives above the Reptile Ocean pet store that he owns in the tiny New Brunswick city of Campbellton in Canada.
Tim Thomas, a former Reptile Ocean employee, told the newspaper that when he learned of the tragedy, he immediately called Mr Savoie's best friend, Mandy Trecartin, who told him it was her boys who were killed. Mr Savoie operated Reptile Ocean as both a pet shop and as a zoo. He kept numerous snakes and lizards and small crocodiles to sell, but he hosted tour groups. 'He always had kids going in there to visit like school kids and groups,' a neighbour said The horrifying deaths of the two children shocked residents of the small city of 7,400 in northern New Brunswick. 'It’s very nerve-wracking. If one got out, how many else got out,' Ms Fournier said. Police said an autopsy on Tuesday will confirm the exact cause of death, though officials believe the boys were crushed to death by the snake. Mr Savoie said he captured the snake and turned it over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who are examining the creature. An RCMP spokeswoman said the major crimes unit is investigating the case and will determine whether any criminal charges should be filed against the owner.

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