8 August 2013

My ordain at The Hand of 2shortz...beverly osu expresses her bitter exprience at the hand of the Rapper....

Beverly Osu has keep opening up about her private lyf in BBA ,she 1st said her mother was deported from
the States because she was involved in shady deals !,and how She dropped out of
school and how she aborted a pregnancy which was
already four months old and so many things. but in her latest and shocking relevation ,is on how 2short use to beat her when both were still dating,she cont. 2shortz used to beat her a lot. She reflect on a particular day, she ran into the bathroom and locked
the door when the beating was too much, for her to bear..and still 2short broke down the door and continued with the assult on her,she went futher by showing the other bigbrother housmates a scar from the incident..

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