8 August 2013

Landlord Set Six Men Alaze For Smoking India Hemp

According to a report by Premium Times, six young men accused
of smoking Indian hemp and gambling have been set
On fire in Abeokuta, Ogun State by a landlord in
their area. The landlord, identified as Agba, in Ago-
Oko area of the town where the incident happened
had warned the boys on several occasions to stop their acts,which they ignored.
And one day, just this past Tuesday night August
6th, Agba felt he was god and decided to punish the guys.so
On Tuesday night, while the boys were once again together smoking and gambling asual in a building next
to his, Agba poured a keg of petrol through his
window on the first floor of a storey building on the
The already lighted Indian hemp was flamed by the
petrol causing a major fire that burnt the boys
causing severe injury. The victims, Saburi Seteolu,
Raheem Bello, Tunde Adesanya, Suleiman Adebesin,
Azeez Alabi, and Kola Sodehinde, are currently
receiving treatment in a state hospital.
The landlord, a commercial cab driver in the town,
has been arrested as confirmed by the Ogun State
Police Command.

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