1 August 2013

Male Sex spots Discoverd In Anambra State...

In a recent investigation by the Anambra state Aids control agency,concerning the rapid increase guys now operating a séx spots ,just like the ladies,I wonder what Nigerians cannt do to make money.gosh,!! .During the Investigation It was discovered that there were 24 male ,618 female sex spots in various part of the state in,(Anambra )
Director of SACA, Dr. Ogochukwu Ndibe, who diclosed the figures at a programme for international partners operating ,he said there are 5920 female
and over 500 male séx workers in the state.
On the average, there are 10 female séx workers and
5 male séx workers in a spot.
He said: "There are men who have séx with other men as a matter of preference regardless
of their séxual identity or séxual orientation and
irrespective of whether they also have séx with
women or not."he said Awka South, Awka North, Ihiala,
Onitsha South, Orumba North, Nnewi North, Onitsha
North, Aguata, and Njikoka.
Anambra, were areas with the highest percentage of sex spots in the state with 7.8 per cent prevalence of HIV, is
among the highest in the country.
Chief of Staff to Governor Peter Obi, Professor
Chinyere Okunna, said:
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