2 August 2013

Naming Ur Child North West is a Complete Stupidity Name,laila Ali To Kim and Kayne...

I wonder what is the Motive of naming a child North west,haba!! That sounds a bit Bizzare ,thou so many celebrities as been given their views on the Name ,recently. Boxing champs and daughter of fomer boxing legend mohammed Ali ,mohammed laila has come out publicly calling North west a stupid name,a parent should named a child,thou kim and kanye will not take the comment by laila. Funny,buh Laila said she don't care that she not a fan of the crazy baby name call North west ,the boxing champ went foward by calling out Kanye West for naming his daughter North west,Laila tells. Hip hollywood.
"I don't like crazy names. I think it doesn't make
any sense. And you have to think about the child
as they get older and what they have to deal with.
A lot of people do things because it's a fad and
they want to get some attention but this is your
child…if it's crazy but cool and nice and it makes
sense, that's one thing, but North and South and
Leaf and Water Drop? Come on now, I don't care...she said

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