1 August 2013

Please I Need Your Advice..From an MVB reader

I received these from one of MVB reader ,requesting for you pple advice on her falling relationship...the full story below
Am in a relationship of three years and some months now with the guy i luv so much. we started dating when we were in school and our relationship was fun to the extent that we collected an award for the best couple in our school and we were role models. the problem now is that ever snce we finished from school and we're now distant, his attitude has changed towards me for like 3mnths now, the relationship that was so full of fun and happiness has become sour. i called him to verify if have done anything wrong or if he's tired of the relationship but he said no, that i should just be patient with him that he's trying to make it normal. i dont understand what it means by making it normal. have tried all i could to make know am no more happy and feeling loved anymore but he's just being adamant.......no more sweet words, no more romantic messages, it frustrates me. i love this guy so much and am so committed and addicted to him, other guys have been coming dying and begging for my luv but cant develop feelings for them because am already committed to him, the most painful thing is that he neither want to quit nor want to change for better. please sexlifers i need your candid advise on what to do because someone is there dying to have me (despite that he knows am already in a relationship), while am here begging for his love. am so confused right now, i feel like letting go but dont want to make mistake, so it wont be like am being too forward and impatient and ma heart still luvs him. ..she is a fwend and She needs your advice please...

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