2 August 2013

You are Both Demons ...protesters Tells Beyonce & Jay Z

Two men who has claimed beyonce and jayZ. Are demons ,shows their dismay by displaying posters outside verizon center in washington D.C ,they also sent a warning to the first lady of America Mrs obama including other people who will be attending the concert,that Beyonce and jay Z are possessed by demons..ummmm true taik.The founder of Pray pump movement, Rocky Twyman in his on view tells Afro.com that the couples are really destroying the future of youths ,he go foward by saying , If you go on the Internet, you will see stories about how the couples are deepply involved in lluminati , you can see Jay-Z's use of the stanic triangle symbol when he performs on stage at his shows,
"Jay-Z even declared himself to be God by
referring to himself as Jehovah, and we don't
think that this is the image that our young people
need to be glorifying."
Tyman hopes his movement will catch on with
protests in every city on the rest of Beyonce's tour.

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