18 May 2013

Ancient tree falls in linda ikeji town of Imo State, kills over 50 people

An ancient tree (believed by some to be a tree of the gods) fell on Thursday May 16th, killing over 50 people at Umudagu Mbieri, Mbaitoli in Imo State. The Osisi Ukwu Uko, which has been in existence for over 200 years, fell during heavy rainstorm around 8pm Thursday night, collapsing on buildings, people selling their wares and customers buying good in a market under the tree. Those who didn't die lost body parts and are being treated at the hospital. People in the community had for many years called for the removal of the tree over safety concerns but the community elders refused to chop the tree down arguing that it was an ancestral landmark. Some people in the village are speculating that the gods occupying the tree were angry with the villagers over something and decided to strike.

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