27 May 2013

BIZZARE. Six killed, as hoodlums clash in Lagos

No fewer than six people were killed yesterday in a renewed clash between rival groups in Ajah area of Lagos over the struggle for the control of motor parks in the area.
It will be recalled that the Ilaje community was set ablaze seven months ago over disagreement as to who controls Ilaje Bus Stop which led to the death of three people.
The battle for ownership and territorial control in Ajah, between Ilaje community, who are regarded as settlers in the area, and the indigenes of Ajah community, has been on for long and the hope of many residents that it had ended was dashed at the weekend when fighting resumed.
Three factions, Ajah Boys, Olumegbon Boys and Ilaje Boys, have so far been identified in the latest clash with the Ajah Boys said to be having the upper hand.
A resident of Ilaje, who simply identified himself as Tunde, told National Mirror that the latest clash was supposed to be between the Olumegbon Boys and Ajah Boys, but that it was extended to the Ilaje Boys, who were not part of it. Tunde said that four Olumegbon members and two people were killed in the clash, which disrupted commercial activities in many parts of Ajah on Saturday.
It was gathered that the Olumegbon and the Ajah, who had initially formed an alliance against the Ilaje Boys, have for some weeks been having disagreement over a ‘minor issue’ on the control of parks and other places.
It was gathered that the Olumegbon Boys were on Saturday deceived that there was going to be a peace meeting, when the Ajah Boys attacked them, killing four people in the process.
Ajah Boys, who felt that the Ilaje Boys might support the Olumegbon Boys, invaded the Ilaje Boys’ base and reportedly killed two members of the gang.
The situation became very riotous as sounds of gunfire filled most part of Ajah, forcing many residents to flee, while others remained indoors.
A resident, who did not want to be named, stated that the recent crisis might not be unconnected with moves by a prominent person in the area to become the monarch of the town.  

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