20 May 2013

Education:best possible way to prepare for an exam

As we all know is another time of the year when unversities,polytechnics and colleges set out their dates for the their various post utme, this period can often be stressful and nerve wracking. While some stress can actually be a positive motivator, being too nervous or tense can be problematic, especially if some students has been repeatedly takin d exam. With less than weeks left to d exam, it’s time to focus on what you can do to get yourself through this demanding time. Here’s some advice to help make you achive your ultimate aim Deal with your anxiety: Try to determine where u ave gone wrong in the past . If it stems from a lack of preparation on your part, your anxiety is considered a rational response. panicking or overreacting, this may be an irrational response. Either way, it can be very helpful to know how to work with their effects. Get past questions of that instution study it This is the best way to minimize anxiety. • Avoid cramming . Cramming can produce high levels of anxiety and is not helpful in trying to learn a large amount of material. • Instead of trying to memorize all of the intricate details from an entire questions on different subject try combining everything and learning the larger, main concepts first. • When studying, try to create questions that could possibly be asked . Try integrating ideas from those who are student of dat instution, notes, books and other readings.. Change your attitude: It can help to change the way you think about taking your previous exams. Changing your attitude can actually help you enjoy studying and learning. Here are some ways you can work on changing your attitude: • Remind yourself that you only have one chance to write the exam and there will be others. • Think of yourself in a positive way. Think of all the hard work you have done alread ungoin jamb exam no b small tin, think of what you do know. • Plan ways to improve on ur previous mistakes Don’t forget the basics: Don’t forget about yourself and what you need. This means thinkingof yourself as a total person, not just as a post utme taker. • Maintain proper nutrition and exercise, and continue some of your social or recreational activities. It is ok to take a break once in a while. • Make sure you get plenty of sleep.You can’t function at your best if you are tired. • Do something relaxing when you feel adequately prepared. Again, try to do something relaxing before the exam. Cramming minutes before can produce anxiety. Get to the exam hall early. This way, you can pick out your seat away from anxiety-ridden students and other distractions. Now, you’re ready to take the exam…Good luck! Brain food! Did you know that a poor diet can lead to fatigue, weakness and a decreased ability to concentrat 1. Watch out for high calorie “comfort foods.” Eating to control your emotions can result in bingeing on high fat foods, which are low in nutrients. Eat smaller portions or substitute with more nutritious options like fresh fruits and veggies, pretzels, low-fat popcorn, whole grain crackers, low-fat yogurt and cheeses. 2. Avoid lots of caffeine. Caffeinated productscan cause dips and surges in your energy levels. It can also give you the jitters and disturb your concentration. Instead, get moresleep, exercise to renew your energy and substitute with caffeine-free beverages like fruit and vegetable juices, fat-free or low fat milk and water.you can contact me on 07068520458..if you need any past school post utme question..

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