24 May 2013

Global warming

Today on science and technology I will be discussing ,how our daily activities is contributing to global warming . Firstly I will start by giving the definition of what global warming is ,GLOBAL warming is the increase in earth average surface temperature which is due to the effective of greenhouse gases ,such as carbon dioxide. Many people don’t know that their daily activities contributes immensely to global change , when you drive a car ,you contribute to global warming because the carbon emitted from the engine of the car evaporate into the air causing a climate change ,anytime you use electricity (lights, tv and computer, all these contributes to global warming )usage of computer to post messages since computer uses electricity there is a little contribution to climate change ,driving to work, using light bulbs ,usage of air conditioning ,refrigerators, inclusive of the food we eat, all this contributes to global warming .human activities have contributed to a number of changes in climate ,this contribution has principally been through the burning of fossil fuels which will led to an increase in the concentration of GHGS in the atmosphere .below are the factors in which human activities as contributed to global warming. 1. Radio active forcing ,a positive radioactive will lead to warm the climate ,while a negative force will tends to cool the climate , 2. Earthquakes ,this will occur due to the seismicity increase during unloading such as that can cause earthquake due to the removal of ice. 3. Ocean temperature rise 4. Sea level rise 5. Oxygen depletion ,these amount of oxygen dissolved in the oceans may decline with adverse consequence for ocean life.

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