28 May 2013


 Good day  everyone ,am  OJO  OLUWADAMILARE  VICTOR .yap  the  creator  of  Michael victor blog, today I will be dropping  out  some important  hints  on how to make profit from your established business.
Nigeria population is estimated to be of about 100million people and still counting ,and I keep wondering why has Nigerians not making  profits from  their  various businesses, am not a business mogul ,am not the bill gate or  dangote  of this world  even am not close to femi  otedola, but I have my own established business which am making  hug profit  from them, apart that am still  a student, I have been  able to injects  some strategies into my business which is paying off good  time, am not referring to  my online business now ,many youths like me are finding comfort and profit from ,entertainment, music, fashion ,and some acting, coz that is where money is presently in Nigeria, that is  number1  hint if you are to make huge   profit from your business  you need to know the best selling business in Nigeria and in your community. BELOW  ARE THE HINTS IN MAKING YOUR BUSINESS A SUCCESS,  
1.     many business men and women  start  a business  because  they saw  it happen somewhere. this is a very common attitude among  Nigerians they tend to go into business they knew absolute noting about. avoid these if opting to establish a business
2.     Avoid going late to business  place  and opening the shop  late  into   the morning  is  a sign of  negligence  and   even GOD  despises  such   attitude .
3.     you need  to think  beyond  the business  .you might  have  boutique, however your  operation must  be  beyond sales  of wears, wrist watches and shoes only you need  to think  about  what  could  draw  customers  to your  shop  every day.
4.     lack  of  focus   definition within  the area of  your  scope of purpose .once  you have  a business  ,try  to multiply it by infusing  more ideas into it.
5.     lack of mentorship and  reading  makes  you stagnant. as a business man ,you need to read ,don’t just say coz am selling food stuff  and stop there ,you need to see  that your profit  and wealth can only adding ideals to your business.
6.     think of investing  outside  your business. when  you have profit ,take a percentage out of your business and invest it somewhere else  and get  income  from there. Turn your business into platform  to build  an investment  fund  you can use  somewhere else.
7.     Develop  a great business  system  that is different  from other  businesses around you.
8.     do not solely  depend on self  employment  ,move into business  system.
9.     do not steal other  people ideas..? because  you cannot have  passion  for  someone else’s  ideal.
10.            Develop what you know  can attract people  to your  shop  even if they would  not buy anything.
11.            Do not  go into business   you  know  little about
12.            Advertise  regularly  on all  forms  of media.

If you can mastermind and put into action all the above hints ,then  you  be
ready to traffic in huge profit…
For on any business advice or how to get your business register with the cooperate  affair commission.  …..contact me on 07068520458.

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