31 May 2013


Top   warning   signs  of  diabetes.
Diabetes  is  considered second  most  dangerous  disease  in  the  world, thou  the  primary cause  of   this  disease  is  yet  to  be  fully  established ,but  is  considered  to  have  the  most  severe complications if  not  detect  earlier,  diabetes  is not  a  contactable  aliment  unlike  HIV  or  other  contactable  diseases   .
Many  people  in  the  world  today   are  living  with  this  deadliest  disease  but  do not  have  any  idea  that  their  body  is  experiencing   physiologic  stress, below  are  some  top  warning  signs  of diabetes.
1.      Are you suddenly feeling   much   thirstier, hungrier  ,and  losing  weight  without b trying?
2.      Have  you  noticed   that  cuts  and bruises  take  longer  to  heal ?
3.      Weakness  and  fatigue .
4.      Tingling or  numbness  in your  hands, legs  or  feet.
5.      Blurred  vision .
6.      Dry   or  itchy  skin.
7.      Frequent   infections.
8.       Urinating   frequently.
All the  above  listed  are  associated  with diabetes, they are  the  result  of   high  glucose  level  in the  body  ,so

Tingling or Numbness in Your Hands, Legs or Feet:
This symptom is called neuropathy. It occurs gradually over time as consistently high glucose in the blood damages the nervous system, particularly in the extremities. Type 2 diabetes is a gradual onset, and people are often not aware that they have it. Therefore, blood sugar might have been high for more than a few years before a diagnosis is made. Nerve damage can creep up without our knowledge. Neuropathy can very often improve when tighter blood glucose control is achieved.
if  you  notice  any of  the  above  signs ,try  schedule  an appointment  with your  doctor. diabetes

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